29 March 2013

Happy Easter Weekend!

Today we're heading out of town to go hang out with my family and enjoy one of our oldest's last days of Spring Break. 
I managed to sneak in a quick run to Target this morning before we left so that I could grab these:

I saw them there yesterday while I was shopping and even though my heart skipped a beat cause they were just so dang pretty I forced myself to exercise will-power and leave them behind. 

Then I was kicking myself for the rest of the afternoon and evening and telling Rob what a fool I was to not snatch them up before someone else did. 
So he told me to go back and get them as an early anniversary gift. 
Love that guy.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! I have yet to decorate for an Easter, which is why I've never put pictures of my Easter decorating on here. Maybe one of these years. 
Have a fun one!

27 March 2013

A Trend I'm Loving

So yesterday I announced that I've been made a contributor to the blog for Goldenageusa....but I'm excited to also be a new contributor to a blog called Home Decor Diary
It's a pretty new blog, so I'd love it if you would come show me and it's super sweet author some love by stopping by to read my post today! I wrote about a look I'm really in love with and that I think is the perfect counter-balance to all the geometric prints going on in everyone's homes right now. 

26 March 2013

Playroom Inspiration & An Announcement

 Right now I'm busy adding this color into the playroom:

I can't wait to show you guys how it turns out! It's BRIGHT; I can tell you that much. The rest of my house is looking super neutral next to this color. It took my breath away a little bit (and not necessarily in a good way) when I started painting. It's the biggest, boldest dose of color I've used in our house so far. But I figure the playroom is the perfect place to do something that scares me a little. Plus it's going on a dresser, so it's not like I've committed it to some huge area. Suck it up and paint, Brooke. 

Here are some playrooms that get me so excited to transform my kids' blah and boring playroom into a room that really screams FUN {and stylish, cause that never hurts either}.

I couldn't find original sources for any of these, btw. Wish I could give credit to their creators because they are awesome!  
These fun rooms really motivate me to keep working at our playroom!

So in my post title I said I had an announcement....I am so excited to have been made a contributor to my sponsor Goldenageusa's blog! I'll be over there once a week talking about different decor and diy-related stuff. Today it's all about my favorite look for gallery walls. 

I've got them on my mind since I just hung one in our playroom (and added to it with a couple more pictures this past weekend- I'll have to post pics soon!) So anyways stop by today and check out my post

25 March 2013

Dresser Plans

 What does this dresser in the playroom:

And this blue thing on the dining room shelf have in common?

Pretty soon it will be their color!

I've got lots of plans for the playroom and first up on my list is prettying up the dresser that's holding the tv and storing most of the toys. 

I want to bring in the room colors and patterns from the rest of the house, only I want them to be bigger and bolder in the playroom since it's for the kids and needs to look fun. 

So far the only big tie I have to the rest of the house is the rug, which links the room to the chevron vase in the living room (and of course ties in with all the black and white around the house too):

I'm so excited to see how the room looks once it's got a big pop of bold blue!

22 March 2013

Hanging Stuffed Animals In A Hammock

 Once upon a time, before Rob and I met, he went on a cruise to Mexico with some friends. 
While he was there, he bought a hammock.
He shoved it into a laundry bag from the cruise ship and did nothing with it for years. 

That thing has traveled with us to every house we've lived in during our almost ten years of marriage, and it's stayed in that bag, in a box the entire time. 

Until now.

I found it again after this last move, and I decided it was finally going to get the life it deserved. 

This messy corner of the playroom has been driving me nuts. 

I figured I could get several things accomplished over here with that hammock:
finally get it out of a box and put it to use,
make this unattractive corner look cuter,
and help get these guys off the floor. 

I bought a couple of the command hooks that say they hold like 7 1/2 pounds- 

I figured if one holds 7 1/2 then two together should hold 15, right?? I don't know what the hammock actually weighs, especially with a bunch of stuffed animals in it. But I'm hoping it's not more than around 15 lbs. And also that my theory about the command hooks is right. If the hammock and it's occupants come crashing down from the wall I'll know I was wrong. 

So anyways I followed the hanging directions for the command hooks and after sticking them up on the wall waited an hour before hanging the hammock off of them. 

{Oh and if you're thinking the hook on the left looks like it's super crooked, that's because it is. But I was standing on my tip-toes on a ladder when I hung these, so I wasn't great at judging how level they were.}

Here's the hammock now, living it up {literally} in it's new home. 

I love how it looks with the rug. 
And I love how it makes this corner look super cute!

20 March 2013

Getting the Drapes to Close

 Last week I showed you guys these gorgeous new drapes:
{If you're interested, they're here at West Elm.}

But I have to confess that until a few days ago, they've just been looking pretty. They weren't actually functional. 
They weren't wide enough to completely cover the doors when they were pulled closed, so if we tried to actually use them we were left with a strip of uncovered glass that was over a foot wide. 
It didn't look good, and on the off chance that the people living in the two story house behind us are creepers, I want our privacy. 

Since drapes should be about twice the width of the window they'll be covering, I really should have bought 4 panels for this door. But since I'm super cheap thrifty, I decided I'd just buy one extra one and cut it in half so I could use each half on either side of the door. 

Cutting it in half evenly ended up being super easy since I have tile floors. 

I just used a grout line down the middle as a guide for my scissors, and before starting to cut I measured the fabric on either side of the line, at the top of the panel and at the bottom, to make sure there was an equal amount on either side. 

Then I made a simple hem at my cut lines by folding over like a quarter of an inch and ironing it in place-

-and then folding it over again and ironing it a second time. 

Then I sewed it up, and was about half way done with the first panel when I flipped the fabric over to see how things were looking and realized that I had the bobbin threaded with black thread. 

Apparently screwing up even the simplest of projects is just my way. 
Luckily I got to be very good friends with my seam ripper back when I was recovering our couch cushions, so it didn't take me long to rip all the black threads out and start over. 

And here are the drapes now, fuller and fully functional.

Here's how they look when they are closed-
it's not ideal, because if I'd used four panels instead of three, they'd look ruffled even when they were pulled across the window. The fact that these stretch across so straight makes the openings in the panels really apparent.  

But it works for me because the only time I shut these is at night, and when they are open you can't tell where the larger panels end and the smaller ones begin. So I'm happy with them! And now when I'm biting my nails in front of The Following at night, I don't have the creepy feeling that someone is watching us through the giant glass doors we're sitting next to!

19 March 2013

What's Up? {And, How High Should Your Chandelier Hang From Your Table?}

 Here's what's up:

It's my glass link chandelier. I love having it back in our dining room.

Sadly it doesn't work perfectly in this room though. Our ceilings are 10 feet high, and even with the extension rods that the chandelier came with, it's hanging way too high above the table. 
Ideally, the bottom of a chandelier that's hung over a dining room table should be about 36 inches above the tabletop. I played around with the links on mine to try to make them hang a little longer, but the bottom of this one is still almost 46 inches above the table. It doesn't look awful, but it doesn't look as much a "part of" the whole set-up like I want it to. It kind of looks lost way up there. 

So I have a plan to make it longer: I want to eventually buy another glass link chandelier and use it's links on this one to bring the bottom of it down more. I figure more shiny glass hanging off of this one just means it'll be even more beautiful, right? And then it will work better with the room. Now all I have to do is save up for another chandelier. (So don't hold your breath for this change!

But in the meantime, it's still good to have it back. 

Here's a reminder of what was up here before:

Pretty, but just not my style. So since we're renting, it's carefully packaged up and we'll rehang it once we're getting ready to move out. 

Oh and while we're on the subject of chandeliers, my sponsor, Goldenageusa is offering 10% off on some of their popular lighting brands. 

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I'm going to go enjoy looking at my chandelier some more. I missed it during our move!

15 March 2013

The Winner Of The Giveaway Is...

 First of all, thanks so so much to everyone who participated in the giveaway for the $75 in store credit to Goldenageusa!!

And a big thanks to them for sponsoring this giveaway!!

The lucky winner is 


Congrats girl!

I hope you all have a happy Friday and a great weekend! Thanks again to everyone who participated!

14 March 2013

A Gallery Wall For The Playroom

Before I tell you about my gallery wall, I want to tell you real quick that as soon as you're done reading this post, go and enter the giveaway I'm hosting this week!! It's for $75 in store credit to an online home decor and lighting store. The giveaway ends tomorrow and entries are low so you have a really really good chance of winning! (Especially since you get multiple chances to enter.) Get all the details and enter to win HERE

 So a few days ago I made a gallery wall around the tv in the kids' playroom. 
Here's how this end of the room looked before:

And then after I hung a bunch of framed art around the tv. 

It's mostly drawings and stuff done by my oldest child. Since the framed items are so colorful I wanted the frames themselves to be more simple. So I painted the two wooden ones white so that I would have a grouping of black and white frames that would tie in with the black and white rug. 

Since it was for a children's room and I wanted it to look relaxed and fun, I hung the frames really casually and didn't worry about perfect spacing or a perfect layout. 

I also threw in a couple unframed pieces to add to the casual look.

I think my favorite thing I hung up here was this sweet little message that got scribbled out on a scrap of paper quite a while ago and that I've been saving ever since:

Since this wall is really visible from the front door I was anxious to get it looking more put together. 
So I'm super happy to have this cute grouping around the tv improving the view!

And now please, for the love of all that is pretty, go and enter the giveaway!!  HERE