14 March 2013

A Gallery Wall For The Playroom

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 So a few days ago I made a gallery wall around the tv in the kids' playroom. 
Here's how this end of the room looked before:

And then after I hung a bunch of framed art around the tv. 

It's mostly drawings and stuff done by my oldest child. Since the framed items are so colorful I wanted the frames themselves to be more simple. So I painted the two wooden ones white so that I would have a grouping of black and white frames that would tie in with the black and white rug. 

Since it was for a children's room and I wanted it to look relaxed and fun, I hung the frames really casually and didn't worry about perfect spacing or a perfect layout. 

I also threw in a couple unframed pieces to add to the casual look.

I think my favorite thing I hung up here was this sweet little message that got scribbled out on a scrap of paper quite a while ago and that I've been saving ever since:

Since this wall is really visible from the front door I was anxious to get it looking more put together. 
So I'm super happy to have this cute grouping around the tv improving the view!

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  1. So cute. The 'together' stick figures is my favorite one. :) Love it!!

  2. Wonderful way to display the kid's art! Love the idea of simple frames! I feel very a plain frame lets the feature it is framing stand out!
    I bet the kids love it also!!!!

  3. Awww love that you framed their art! So special!

  4. The kiddie art is SO good. I cant wait til Charlie starts making art :)

  5. I love the kids art work framed on the wall, I have lots of my boys art work that I would love to frame and put up, but since they are now 19 and 21 I am afraid they would be mortified!