07 March 2013

A New Pattern For My Living Room

 I introduced a new pattern into the living room yesterday with these Koba Window Panels from West Elm. 

I love how they look with the other patterns in the living room. 

I think the print works great with the ottoman fabric because both patterns have a similar shape to them (an oval-ish, diamond-ish shape with pointy ends.) 

{ottoman fabric}

{drape fabric}

And of course they have similar colors. I am really liking them together. 

It's crazy how much more "finished" a room looks with window treatments!


  1. The perfect compliment to your ottoman! Looking good.

  2. those look awesome! perfect complement to one another!

  3. It looks great! You have so much natural lighting.... love it!

  4. The panels work perfectly in the room. I am amazed at the speed of your designing your new home..Go Girl.