13 March 2013

Changes To The Mantel

 When I posted reveal pics of our new place, the mantel looked like this:

I was tired of the almost perfect symmetry that was going on though, and I will most likely need that long wooden thing on the tv cabinet to hide wires once the tv is hung. 

So I took everything down, brought in some things from other rooms, and did a little rearranging. 

Turns out I'm sorta married to the glass bottles of greenery at either end. But I'm really liking the difference that adding that unframed vintage drawing added. And I like the lighter feel it has without the big wooden board up there. Plus since I'd had that same setup in our last house it was feeling a little stale to me. This look isn't that different, but a little bit of a switch-up made things feel fresher.

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  1. my poor mantle has looked the same forever
    i think in my old age i have given up on switching things up

  2. I really like the updates! I wish I had a mantle to play around with :)