20 March 2013

Getting the Drapes to Close

 Last week I showed you guys these gorgeous new drapes:
{If you're interested, they're here at West Elm.}

But I have to confess that until a few days ago, they've just been looking pretty. They weren't actually functional. 
They weren't wide enough to completely cover the doors when they were pulled closed, so if we tried to actually use them we were left with a strip of uncovered glass that was over a foot wide. 
It didn't look good, and on the off chance that the people living in the two story house behind us are creepers, I want our privacy. 

Since drapes should be about twice the width of the window they'll be covering, I really should have bought 4 panels for this door. But since I'm super cheap thrifty, I decided I'd just buy one extra one and cut it in half so I could use each half on either side of the door. 

Cutting it in half evenly ended up being super easy since I have tile floors. 

I just used a grout line down the middle as a guide for my scissors, and before starting to cut I measured the fabric on either side of the line, at the top of the panel and at the bottom, to make sure there was an equal amount on either side. 

Then I made a simple hem at my cut lines by folding over like a quarter of an inch and ironing it in place-

-and then folding it over again and ironing it a second time. 

Then I sewed it up, and was about half way done with the first panel when I flipped the fabric over to see how things were looking and realized that I had the bobbin threaded with black thread. 

Apparently screwing up even the simplest of projects is just my way. 
Luckily I got to be very good friends with my seam ripper back when I was recovering our couch cushions, so it didn't take me long to rip all the black threads out and start over. 

And here are the drapes now, fuller and fully functional.

Here's how they look when they are closed-
it's not ideal, because if I'd used four panels instead of three, they'd look ruffled even when they were pulled across the window. The fact that these stretch across so straight makes the openings in the panels really apparent.  

But it works for me because the only time I shut these is at night, and when they are open you can't tell where the larger panels end and the smaller ones begin. So I'm happy with them! And now when I'm biting my nails in front of The Following at night, I don't have the creepy feeling that someone is watching us through the giant glass doors we're sitting next to!


  1. What a smart idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Great solution! I have that trouble in my basement and just happen to have one extra panel already. It was on clearance and I figured I'd make pillows (which I haven't done yet) so maybe I'll try this-- thanks!! Also, where did you find your curtains? I love the fabric.

    1. Thanks Holly! I got them from West Elm. :)

  3. Very clever! You can do wonders when needed!

  4. Such a smart idea to use the grout line as guide! They look great.

  5. Love your idea of cutting it. Very great solution.

  6. What a smart solution, Brooke! You did a good job, my friend!

  7. aren't you a resourceful decorator!!
    good solution

  8. I love how you used the grout line as a guide! So nifty!