22 March 2013

Hanging Stuffed Animals In A Hammock

 Once upon a time, before Rob and I met, he went on a cruise to Mexico with some friends. 
While he was there, he bought a hammock.
He shoved it into a laundry bag from the cruise ship and did nothing with it for years. 

That thing has traveled with us to every house we've lived in during our almost ten years of marriage, and it's stayed in that bag, in a box the entire time. 

Until now.

I found it again after this last move, and I decided it was finally going to get the life it deserved. 

This messy corner of the playroom has been driving me nuts. 

I figured I could get several things accomplished over here with that hammock:
finally get it out of a box and put it to use,
make this unattractive corner look cuter,
and help get these guys off the floor. 

I bought a couple of the command hooks that say they hold like 7 1/2 pounds- 

I figured if one holds 7 1/2 then two together should hold 15, right?? I don't know what the hammock actually weighs, especially with a bunch of stuffed animals in it. But I'm hoping it's not more than around 15 lbs. And also that my theory about the command hooks is right. If the hammock and it's occupants come crashing down from the wall I'll know I was wrong. 

So anyways I followed the hanging directions for the command hooks and after sticking them up on the wall waited an hour before hanging the hammock off of them. 

{Oh and if you're thinking the hook on the left looks like it's super crooked, that's because it is. But I was standing on my tip-toes on a ladder when I hung these, so I wasn't great at judging how level they were.}

Here's the hammock now, living it up {literally} in it's new home. 

I love how it looks with the rug. 
And I love how it makes this corner look super cute!


  1. What a creative solution! Isn't it great to do things that don't require spending money? All this time your hammock was just sitting in the closet. I am looking forward to getting a white one for my yard this summer.

  2. Such a cute idea. Love the way the corner looks now!

  3. Hi Brooke,
    I saw that you posted on Facebook and came by to check out your idea. Easy solution to organize toys.
    The last photo is too cute!
    Happy weekend!

  4. so cute and you made yours work
    tried this back in the day when beanie babies were popular, but the holes in my hammock were too big and the little buggers kept falling out

  5. Hello Brooke,

    I've been to your pretty blog before, and it's very nice that now we can follow each other on google+.

    That's a great idea to use a hammock inside the house, and yours is a very pretty one.

  6. I wanna hang in the hammock too.