05 March 2013

Pictures Of The House We're Renting!

 I'm starting this post off with a HUGE disclaimer: The house is NOT done. 
In the following photos you will see cast-off furniture that needs refinishing, stacks of pictures that need hanging, empty walls, unhung tv's and all their exposed wiring, and a whole lot more unsightly-ness. 
But I figured I might as well go ahead and show you guys how it's looking so far instead of waiting for everything to be perfect and in the meantime everyone gets tired of waiting and stops giving a crap what my house looks like. So here you go. 

I started off grabbing my camera and thinking "I'll just get a few quick pictures of the main areas today and then when things are looking more finished I'll take more." And then I started wandering around and snapping away and before I knew it I had like 37 photos. So as unexciting as some of these are, I'm including them because they help orient you in the house and help you see a little bit what the layout is like. 

So let's get started at the front door...

Here's the view inside the house from the door:

To the left is the kids' playroom:

That dresser that the tv sits on was left here by our landlady. She'd been planning on getting rid of it so she said we could have it. It has been perfect for keeping the kids' toys organized and I have big plans for giving it a new look. You may notice I moved the rug that used to be in our dining room into this room. The kids needed a soft place to play and I love this rug in here because it looks fun and bold, so perfect for a kids' area, but it's still chic and goes with the look of the rest of the house. 

Here's the view out this room's door...

To the right of the front door from the entryway is the dining room:

There's a window at one end...

...and a doorway into the kitchen at the other.

One side of the kitchen:

and the other:

View of the kitchen from the breakfast area:

And the breakfast area, which has no furniture yet so for now it's been taken over by the dogs. 

Living room from the kitchen/breakfast area. 

If you turn left from right here you're facing the entryway.

At the front of the living room there are two doorways at either end:

The one on the right is to a little hallway where there is a bedroom (that we're using as Rob's office) the guest bathroom, and a door to the back porch. 

The doorway on the left in the living room is to a little larger hallway- there are two more bedrooms back there (the kids' rooms) and the kids' bathroom. 

The kids' areas aren't anything exciting and the twins were napping when I took these photos anyway, so I'm not including pics of those parts today. 

Here's a shot of the kitchen from the living room, and to the right is the doorway that leads back into the entryway:

A view of the living room from the hallway where the guest bath and office are:

And a shot of a new purchase! See the chevron canister from the Nate Berkus Target collection??

I was at Target the other day and saw it in the clearance isle for $9. 
I love that it brings into this room the same pattern and colors from the rug in the playroom. 
{Although this picture is pretty dark so it's kind of hard to see.}

The vintage-looking suitcase next to the canister was a birthday gift from my parents. 

But anyways, where were we...I just realized I didn't get any pictures of the area where the master bedroom is located, but if you're standing in this spot in the breakfast nook it's right behind you:

There's a tiny "hallway", if you can even call it that, with the door to the pantry, door to the laundry room, and door to the master bedroom. 

This is the part of the tour where things really get ugly, but I'm showing you anyways. Just remember this is about the floor plan and not the decorating. 

Laundry room:

Master bedroom:

The red velvet drapes are the homeowner's and I'll be taking them down once I get something else that matches our style better. For now they have to stay for privacy. 

Our last bedroom was too small to fit any of our furniture so we'd sold everything but our bed when we moved there. So that's why we don't have any furniture in here now. But we'll slowly start getting new stuff now that we have the room for it again. In the meantime though all our clothes fit in the closet so we've been able to get rid of all the plastic boxes we were living out of while we were in Minneapolis. Getting dressed has been so much less of a hassle. 
OH and we do have night stands now. You can see part of the one on the left in the top pic of the bedroom. They were also left by our landlady and she said we could have them. They are much smaller than what I would want long-term but for now they totally work and I figure with a little paint and new knobs I can make them look like new. 

Here's our bathroom:

So that's the house so far! There is tons I want to do while we're here. I have so many project ideas that I'm super excited about- I can't wait to get started!! But for now I should just focus on finishing up the unpacking!


  1. This place is quite different from your home in MPLS. Is this new place a better reflection of your personal style and preferences?

    1. I like both types of houses for different reasons- I like how new houses like this one feel brighter and more open, but I love the details that older houses have that are hard to find in a new house. That's why we want to eventually build our own house, then we can have the best of both worlds. :)

  2. Brooke, you are definitely a quick mover! There are lots of great features in this home, you made a great choice when you picked this house! Looking forward to follow your decorating adventures in this new home!


    1. Thank you Jessie!! It's fun getting to start over with decorating a new place! :)

  3. Looks great Brooke! You already have so much done!

  4. What a great house! I think your sister did a marvelous job! You will make it look like a million in no time, ready for a photo shoot!!

  5. What a beautiful rental! :) You're a fast one at unpacking, but I'd be the same way for sure.

  6. oh Brooke! I am so impressed. You almost have everything where is needs to be and this home is more fabulous than your former one. I knew it would be. I really love the chevron jar and as soon as I saw it I immediately thought I goes with the rug. This house has your same color scheme, too. Yay - You!

    1. Thank you Renae! Yes the color scheme works out really well! It was a relief to find this one that was painted like this, because when we were looking there were a lot of houses painted with some really crazy colors and I didn't want to spend the time and money repainting someone else's house! :)

  7. This was a lot of fun touring! The kitchen cabinets are awesome! I also love the high ceilings! And it really wasn't a mess at all, you are pretty good and fast at the whole packing/unpacking thing.

    1. Thank you! I love the high ceilings too; they are my favorite part of the house!

  8. looks like you are settling in quite nicely

  9. Wow this is a great space! I'm sure you will do so much with it! I was totally able to follow the floor plan too.

  10. It’s a beautiful and big rental house. The interiors of the house are fully furnished. Are you allowed to do some changes in this house? Since when did you move here? Anyway, congrats on your new home! ->Von Madison