26 March 2013

Playroom Inspiration & An Announcement

 Right now I'm busy adding this color into the playroom:

I can't wait to show you guys how it turns out! It's BRIGHT; I can tell you that much. The rest of my house is looking super neutral next to this color. It took my breath away a little bit (and not necessarily in a good way) when I started painting. It's the biggest, boldest dose of color I've used in our house so far. But I figure the playroom is the perfect place to do something that scares me a little. Plus it's going on a dresser, so it's not like I've committed it to some huge area. Suck it up and paint, Brooke. 

Here are some playrooms that get me so excited to transform my kids' blah and boring playroom into a room that really screams FUN {and stylish, cause that never hurts either}.

I couldn't find original sources for any of these, btw. Wish I could give credit to their creators because they are awesome!  
These fun rooms really motivate me to keep working at our playroom!

So in my post title I said I had an announcement....I am so excited to have been made a contributor to my sponsor Goldenageusa's blog! I'll be over there once a week talking about different decor and diy-related stuff. Today it's all about my favorite look for gallery walls. 

I've got them on my mind since I just hung one in our playroom (and added to it with a couple more pictures this past weekend- I'll have to post pics soon!) So anyways stop by today and check out my post


  1. Ok these play rooms are amazing. I want to be a kid again. I feel like chalk board paint is a staple in most play rooms that I'm drawn to. Do you think you'll use any? That color looks like a whole lot of fun.

    1. Yes I have a renter-friendly plan to include some! I totally agree, chalkboard paint is a must in a playroom!

  2. The color you picked looks so bright and fun! How exciting on your announcement!

  3. What a bright and fun color! I am sure the kids will love it! Looking forward to see the finished dresser. I am sure it will look fab!


  4. love this color, can't wait to see the results