05 April 2013

A New Mantel Look

I was in the mood for a little change up so I spent a while yesterday afternoon playing around with my mantel setup, and here's the new look I came up with. 

Here's how it looked before:


The left side has one of my new candle holders from Target (with a newly jewelried candle inside), a small vase and bowl, both from West Elm, and a drawing of a fountain in Paris that my great grandmother bought when she lived there. 

The right side has the other new candle, a vase made for me by a friend, and something special....

It's the headband I wore when Rob and I were married. Our 10 year anniversary coming up in a couple weeks has me feeling all sentimental. I dug this out of a basket and decided it should be near it's sibling, my wedding veil.

And just to the left of this little group is this postcard. 

My dad sent this to me when I was a kid and he was working out of state one week. 

It's crazy that I still have it after almost 20 years.  
I'm going to get a frame for it but for now I just leaned it up there to give the mantel a little hit of color. Plus seeing it makes me really happy. 

And that's my new mantel look.  I can't say how long it will last since I'm always messing with things. But it's a fun change for now. 


  1. Hi Brooke, it's Amy from www.loveonsunday.com. Thank you for your sweet comment. I am now following you as well. I love your site and I adore this mantel you've got goin on. That drawing from your Great Grandmother is beautiful! Love it!

  2. Your mantel is looking great! Love that you have so many sentimental items on your mantel. That drawing and the postcard are so precious!

    Have a good weekend, Brooke!


  3. This is such a sweet story! And the mantel looks great, it's fresh!

    I liked looking for frogs and turtles when I was a little girl, too! Actually, I still do!

    BTW....Your dad's handwriting is awesome!