10 April 2013

A Relocated Table

 Here's how our dining room is looking these days:

Over the weekend we dragged out the table and put it into our breakfast area. 

It has a center leaf that made it too big for this nook, so we had to take it out to make the table fit. 

The reason for the relocation is that, first of all, I've had a different vision for the dining room for a while now. I love the look of this table in here:

But the look I've been envisioning for this room is different. And involves glass. 
I get giddy when I think about it. I'm really REALLY excited to make this vision a reality- and then show you guys! 

But it's far from a reality yet- so we could have left the table where it was until we had a new one. 
The reason for the early move was that I could not take one more day of this room being our main eating area. 

The reason for that is the floor. 

It's some kind of faux wood and it looks really pretty, but because it's so shiny (it feels almost like it's made out of plastic) it is REALLY high maintenance. It shows foot prints, dog prints, food splatters, etc. What's worse is that cleaning it makes it look gross too. I've found that the only way I can clean it without leaving disgusting looking streaks and liquid marks is to mop it with a mix of vinegar and water  -anything stronger than that leaves sticky residue- and then immediately dry it so it doesn't streak so badly. Having two year old twins means that the floor under our table gets really messy during meals, and not being able to just swiffer under their seats after they eat has been driving me nuts. I don't mind eating in here once a week or so when my family comes and we need more seating, but I don't want us eating every single meal in here. 

So I finally told Rob I couldn't take it anymore and we were just going to have to live with an empty dining room until we have another table for in there. 

I miss having that room put together, but it has been really nice having the breakfast area filled. 

I had to relocate something else too, because of this table move:

Because the table is smaller, the bench no longer fits at it. So I put it over along this empty wall in the living room.  I like that it fills up some unused space, and it hides an ugly outlet that had been bugging me. 

I'm really liking these changes, especially our less stressful meal cleanups! 

By the way....today I'm over on Home Decor Diary talking about one of my favorite items to make easy changes to my decor with.  Check it out here


  1. That's a great idea mamma. No sense in making things harder on yourself. I can't wait til you find your new table! :)

  2. Brooke, my dream is to have a house with dark wood floors but I agree with you, it is glossy = a lot of work to keep it clean.
    Can't wait to see what you'll do to the dining room...

  3. I love those chairs. You are a talented designer.

    Much Love

  4. You table fits quite nicely in the breakfast room! Can't wait to see what you end up with in the dining.

  5. Very excited to see your new DR table. You gotta make life as easy as possible with kids. The table looks great in the kitchen and the bench works wonderfully in its new location.