03 April 2013

Adding Jewelry To Candles

 Yep, that's what I did today.

These candles and their containers that I got from Target last week were pretty just the way they were. 

But I thought they could be even prettier with a little something extra. 

Specifically, with these:

I have a bunch of these cheapo gold bangles so I knew I'd never miss two of them.
And I kept picturing them around the top of the actual candle, making it look just a little more glam. 

But the bracelets were just slightly too small to fit:

So today I used a knife to shave down some of the wax around the top edge of the candle to make it more narrow:

Then I melted the wax in that spot to make it soft:

Doing that made the melted wax run down the sides of the candles and make all these pretty drip lines which was an added bonus. 

After that the bracelets fit over the top of the candles easily. 

I pushed them down in place as best as I could then melted the wax on the top of the candle so that it would run down and fill some of the empty gaps between the bracelet and the sides. 

And here they are now:

Now I just want to be clear that there is always the chance that this is a really bad idea. I don't know what these bracelets are made of and if there's some way they could have a reaction with the flame being that close and end up starting a fire. So just remember that I'm no fire safety expert; I'm just a girl with some extra bracelets and a spur-of-the-moment idea for them. 
Now that I've said that no one can blame me if they try this and get disasterous results. 
I personally don't light candles like this very often anyway; usually it's just the scented kind that I light. So these won't be seeing a whole lot of action. 

And anyways, safety aside, they sure look pretty! Sometimes the littlest changes make such a difference. 



I do have to say that if I were grading this project I'd give it like a B. 
The only thing I'm not loving is that it was impossible to get the bracelets on perfectly evenly, so that's bugging me a little bit. But $4 candles were not worth more than 10 minutes of my time, and I figure candles get all lopsided when they are lit anyway. So I'm trying my best not to care. 

And despite the fact that they're a little crooked I think it's still a cute look. And I like the mix of the gold and silver. 


  1. Super cute idea! They look great :)

  2. What a lovely idea! You always came up with the most original ideas, Brooke!


  3. Love! Love! Love! The candles were screaming for a little cha-cha which you gave them.

  4. Oh boy I have got to get to Target, love the candle holders and what you did with the bracelets. Ohlala. I'll have to sneak them in the house tho as hubs says he'll burn any more candle holders, enuf already. What can I say, I love candle holders, can you blame me with all the gorgeous ones out there luring us to buy? The bracelets look smashing on the candles. Are we ever just happy with things as they are or do we have to up anything just a little bit more? Can't help myself. Happy days

    1. I'm the same way! Always have to make everything just a little bit better :) I say grab those candle holders from Target before they're gone- it's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission right?? ;)