08 April 2013

Doing More With A Broken Door

 It was so easy to rhyme with this one I couldn't resist. 

I have a lidded basket in my bedroom where I keep sentimental stuff that I can't part with. Letters, pictures, random things saved from dates when Rob and I were first together, drawings from my kids...It's where the postcard came from that I put up on my mantel the other day. 

And in that basket I've had this:

A bag of broken glass. It came from a door in our first house that Rob accidentally shattered. The story is here. I'm sure he hates my telling it. Especially now that he's a contractor who's business specializes in windows and doors. Sometimes life can be ironic. 

I used some of it on a frame- {tutorial also here}

-but the rest of it has been sealed up in that ziplock bag for years. 

Then after doing that mantel switcheroo that I showed you guys last week, I had the two glass jars of faux greenery that needed a new home. 

{You can see them in this pic of the mantel before I changed things up:}

Those jars -which are suppose to resemble vintage milk jars but are really just from Target- were the perfect spot to pour all the rest of the broken glass. 

For now they've swapped places with the candle holders that I moved to the mantel. 
They won't stay here permanently- I think I know what spot I want them in long term. The only problem is that spot doesn't exist yet. So for now they are here. 

I've loved having the frame in our dining room that I covered with this glass, and now it's nice that we have another piece of our first house out where we can see it. 

I'm fighting the urge to be really cheesy and put a line of hearts under here. 

Maybe just one. 



  1. Love the milk bottles with the broken glass and caladiums

  2. The idea of crystals is very creative!!!
    Have a good week, dear! and my g+ for you!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

    1. Thank you Marcela! And thank you for sharing!!

  3. Well this is crafty and about the coolest idea ever. Thanks for sharing.

    Much Love

  4. I simply love your mantel. The broken glass photo frame looks so cool, great photo!

  5. Your new place is coming together so nice! I'm impressed with how much you've already done.

  6. Love the frame idea! Is it okay to pin your tutorials? If not, I will just bookmark it!

    1. Yes it's fine! Thanks Kelsey!

  7. Love that you are so sentimental. Very clever use of glass that others would have toss out.