09 April 2013

Mirror Wall With Picture Molding

I am dying over this look. Dying. 
This might be one of my favorite walls ever. 

I've seen a lot of gallery walls of mirrors, but this is different because these mirrors are hung to fit within the grid of the molding. So they don't just look like mirrors hung on the wall, but more like a part of the wall. It's a gorgeous look. 

If you want more mirror inspiration today, come over to GoldenageUSA's blog- I'm there talking about strategic uses for mirrors.


  1. Dying over it here too! Definitely something to add to my ever-growing DIY list! Stunning!

  2. Sometimes the mirror wall thing can look tacky, but this looks very elegant

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  4. I have the same picture saved on my old laptop I think. It is an amazing look!

  5. I read the article, Brooke, it's one of your best! Too bad there was no commenting section. I really loved the tips! Ya know, I'm not sure I've ever even thought of a mirror in my kitchen! I just may use it!

    Also, I love the photo you chose with the floor mirror in the entryway, it was gorgeous! I'll probably steal that idea, too!