15 April 2013

Painted Kids' Bookcase

 Friday I showed you guys this little bookcase that I was getting started on-

I had just moved it from the twins' room to the playroom and wanted to freshen it's look up a little. 

It's all finished and back in the playroom- here's it's new paint job:

I mixed up this shade of gray by combining two different whites (a bright one and a more creamy one) and a dark gray. Since they were all colors I had on hand already this paint project didn't cost me a thing. 

When I first decided to paint this I'd been planning on using some of the leftover peacock blue paint from the dresser on the back of the shelves. But because of where this bookcase sits- on the same wall as the doorway where you come in the room- I decided it would look more fun if I used the blue paint on the sides of the shelves, that way when you come in you can see it peeking out at you. 

Here's how the bookcase looks now that it's filled with toys and books:

The lamp is from the twins' room also. It's not my favorite thing for this room, but I do like how the bright green ties in with the knobs on the dresser that's on the other side of the room, and with some of the art in the gallery wall, so I'm keeping it in here for now. 

I'm so happy with my decision to paint the sides of the shelves blue instead of the backs- I love the surprise pop of color that you see as you walk in the room.

My favorite part is how the bookcase and the tv/toy dresser now share that same awesome blue color! 


  1. I love it painted gray. Such a cute space you created for your children.

  2. Love the contrast color on the inside. It looks great!

  3. LOVE the color you chose! The perfect gray.

  4. I like the color and the paint job looks great!

  5. All came together so nicely. The blues are beautiful.