14 May 2013

A DIY Ottoman

Check out this gorgeous ottoman made from an old coffee table:

This fabulous re-do was done by Alaina of 

I love her fabric choice- you know how I love zebra, and I think it might be the same fabric I have on the pillows on our couch...which, by the way, is the same one as hers! 

Alaina used my coffee table-to-ottoman tutorial when she and her hubs did this one. It's so awesome to see a project that was inspired by something I did, and even better to see how great it turned out- my tutorial must not suck! haha. 

Go check out Alaina's post about this project HERE.


  1. In another words, you rocked, Brooke! What a great feeling to have inspired others!

    Enjoy your day!


  2. Pretty high praise, Brooke to have someone follow your tutorial and get such great results. AWESOME!

  3. O wow. Isn't it so fun to see other people being inspired by you?!