21 May 2013

A Family Room Makeover

 I am absolutely loving the new look that Brandi of Don't Disturb This Groove gave to her family room. 

Here's a before, with orange paint and movie posters galore: 

And here is an after- still with the movie posters, only now they look super cool against the white walls and new color scheme!

You MUST go check out this makeover- it will astound you. And have you convinced that you need movie posters on every wall of your family room. 
Fabulous job, Brandi!!

By the way, today I'm contributing to the blog for a lighting site called Chandelier Warehouse. I recently watched "The Great Gatsby" and it had me swooning over a particular look...come read my post to see what it was! 


  1. Brooke, you are AWESOME! Thank you so very much for highlighting our room. I really, really appreciate it. Knowing you like it means a lot!

    1. I LOVE it Brandi!! You did an amazing job!!

  2. Brandi did a great job. I checked out the makeover. I really like the drapes, rug and pillows.

  3. Great transformation! Brandi did a wonderful job!