23 May 2013

Client Project

 Lately I've been working on a living room, dining room, and entryway plan for an e-design client. She wanted a leather sectional for the living room, storage space, lots of seating, and a dining table that seats 8.  She also wanted the furniture items that she already has incorporated into my design and space plan. Those pieces are a wood tv cabinet, wood end tables and a wood sofa table. She has a huge open space for her entry, living room, dining room and kitchen so I tried to lay things out so that each area is clearly defined (especially the entry area) but they also flow really smoothly into each other. 

Entry plan:

Entry table area:

She has a wooden sofa table that's too small to go behind her new couch so I put it next to the front door as a drop zone for mail and keys, and a spot for checking your hair before going out the door. Always gotta have that. In place of the bird art that I had in the initial plan, I ended up choosing this awesome lion art that is now on my "must get for myself" list: 

Living room plan.

This room is big so it needs a big rug. But this souk rug that I liked for it was too pricey for the budget when it was at the needed 9x12 size. So instead I suggested a 9x12 jute rug that was almost $1000 less than the souk. Then she can get the souk rug in a smaller, more affordable size and layer it on top of the jute rug. 
I also came up with a very easy way to diy the wall art that I have in the moodboard, using this and other similar photographs from Etsy

I needed 4 pieces of art like this, and although I love the ones I put in the living room moodboard (find them here) using prints from Etsy and framing them in Ikea frames will give a similar look and save around $500. 

Behind sectional: 

When you walk in the front door, the back of the couch is to your left. I planned for two chests of drawers to go there for storage (she has a toddler so this gives her a place for toys, games, blankets, diapers, etc.)

Dining room plan: 

I love this indoor/outdoor rug.  It can literally be taken outside and sprayed with the hose, making it perfect for an eating area where there is a small child. And the color looks pretty with the curtains that I chose for the living room: 

They are from Pottery Barn and you can find them here

Something else I fell in love with while shopping for her house was this light fixture from Pottery Barn:

I love it for the entryway; it looks so vintage and pretty. It's now on my list of things to get myself, right along with that lion art. 

So is this art from Urban Outfitters:

I love it paired with this cheap butterfly poster from Ikea; I planned for both of them to be propped together on the mantel that's in the dining room. 

I love this poster too because it not only has tiny bits of blue that tie in with the dining rug and living room curtains, but if you look really closely at the lion art that I chose for the entryway table, it has a couple butterflies in it, and the mantel where this poster goes is directly across the house from that art. 

The last several days have been busy with getting this project done- she and her family just moved into their house this past weekend and needed a layout plan and furniture ideas quickly. But I'm like 98% done now and it's been really fun to put together! 


  1. Love the curtains and the light fixture! So ready for new drapes in my bedroom--you may have just inspired me!!

    1. Thanks Hillary, those are my favorites too! I told my client there's a good chance she'll end up seeing me post about that light fixture going in my house some day!

  2. Love the idea of the two dressers behind the sectional. Great work!

  3. Your design is right ON!
    All your details, the Lion, the twin Dressers, the Rugs, ETC.