31 May 2013

Coffee Table Trend- Gold Base + White Top

 I'm back with a trend for the second time today. This one is a look that is popping up everywhere and that I absolutely love- coffee tables with gold legs and a white (sometimes marble) top. 

Christine of the blog Bijou and Boheme has an easy DIY of this type of table using the Klubbo coffee table from Ikea:

I've searched all over her blog looking for the tutorial, but the only place I could find it is HERE at ivillage. If anyone knows if Christine has the tutorial on her blog please let me know because I'd love to link directly to her. 

I absolutely love my DIY ottoman so there's no way I'm looking to replace it. 

So instead, I've realized I need another living room. That way I have a spot for the super trendy coffee table that I'm coveting. That's not too much to ask right- just one more room?? 


  1. This is a cute diy! At first glance, it looks like it could be done with the countertop paint they have at Lowe's and a krylon gold paint pen for the legs or gold spray paint.

    I don't blame you for wanting an extra room! It's so much fun to be able to live out both styles simultaneously! Maybe turn an extra bedroom into a sitting room, or perhaps a sunroom?

  2. MC made our 4' x 4' cocktail table over a year ago. He spray painted the legs and frame gold. made a "frame" as a surround in black and constructed the top with 12" mirror tiles! I guess we were ahead of the Trend!

  3. Well a girl can dream. And ...a interior designer/decorator MUST dream or nothing gets created huh? I love glass coffee tables but they are for ol retired folk that ain't got NO grandies around evah! hahahaha. Thanks for coming back and checking out Simple Sequins. We must keep in touch.

  4. That ottoman turned out so cute
    I just love it, the pattern and color are great

  5. How are blog things? I just saw your post from when we did are blog trade. Hope all is well with you.


    1. Things are good, thanks Amanda! Hope all is well with you!