09 May 2013

Darkening A Table

 I'm tired of our entryway being completely barren (except for one pitiful vase in a corner) so this week I've been working to change that. 

I brought in this table that I hadn't found a spot for since moving into this house. 

Because we don't have much wall space in this room I'm really limited on what I can put in here, but this little table is luckily just the right size.

I like that it gives us a spot to drop keys or change or whatever when walking in the door, but I did not like the color in here. This room is already super light, so I felt like the silver paint was looking washed out against the wall color. 

Plus because I am limited on what I can put in here, I want what is in here to be really standing out and making more of a statement. 

I decided this table needed to be way darker so that it would stand out in this light room even though it's so small. 

I mixed up a very dark gray color by combining medium gray and black paints (both of which I already had.) 

Here's the table now: 

I love it so.much. It's hard to tell in pictures but the color has a very slight bluish undertone, so depending on the light it almost looks like a super dark navy. 

 I love how the mirrors and the silver-dipped legs now pop out so much against the dark paint. 

The only thing I can't decide on is the exact placement- I don't know if I want it where it's at in these finished photos, or if I want it in that recessed area of the wall like I had it in the before picture: 

I think I like the way it looks a little better when it's up against the part of the wall that sticks out, but the problem with that spot is the door. It can open all the way with the table there- all the way meaning completely straight out from the hinges, but if you push it further back than that it will hit the table. I feel like the table is safer tucked back into that little nook even though I don't like the way it looks as much when it's back there. 

So I'm not sure yet...still deciding. 

In the meantime I am thrilled with the new table color!

I'm still working on our foyer and I'm excited with how it's coming! My budget is tiny so I can't do a whole lot in here right now, but it's nice to not walk in the door to an empty room. 

Pictures of the whole room coming soon! :)


  1. It looks great, I love the color! I vote for it where it is in the 'after' pictures.

  2. Such a cute little table. I love the dipped legs!

  3. The table looks fabulous! I have a similar situation with our Foyer and the front door "swing". I love it in the after position. Try it out for a day or two and see how the "door" situation works out.

  4. I agree, I like the new bold color and the second placement, but the door is a problem. I can't wait to see what you do with the whole foyer!