28 May 2013

DIY Triangle Design On A Vase

 Welcome to one of my fastest DIY's yet. 

I think in all, this took me maybe 20 minutes to do. 

I started by googling something like "printable pictures of triangles" and printed out one that looked like the triangle was the size I was wanting for my vase design. 

I cut out the triangle and the excess paper around it so that I was left with a small square of paper with the cut-out of a triangle in the middle. I taped closed the cut part of the paper where my scissors had gone through to get to the triangle. 

And now I had a simple stencil to use for making the triangles on the vase. 

I squirted some gold craft paint onto a paper plate and wadded up a napkin to use as my sponge for dabbing the paint over the stencil. 

Then I held the paper stencil over the vase like this-
(only a little tighter)

and used the napkin to dab the paint over the triangle. 

Since I obviously wasn't using any kind of stencil adhesive to hold the paper down completely flat, it didn't come out absolutely perfect, but surprisingly it did come out pretty dang good if I say so myself. I've had actual stencils that had more smudges out of the line than this did. 

I was just super careful to tap the paint on up and down and not slide the napkin to the side, because then it could have slipped under the edge of the paper. I also didn't use a ton of paint. I wanted this to be kind of imperfect and I wanted to see the white paint a little through the gold, so I only did one coat. 

Here is the first triangle.

I wanted the triangles to be lined up really close to each other, with the point of each triangle almost touching the top of the triangle below it. Which meant that the top of the stencil would have to overlap the triangle above the one that I was painting. So to keep from smudging the paint, I had to make sure each triangle was completely dry before moving on to the next one. But I wanted this to go really fast so I had my hair dryer with me and as soon as I finished painting a triangle I'd blast it for a few seconds with my hair dryer on the cool setting until the triangle was dry to the touch. Then I could lay the stencil over the bottom of it and keep going with painting. 

Here it is finished:



This is a vase that I got a couple years ago on clearance for $1 at Michaels. I can't remember what color it was when I got it; something ugly. So I just painted it white soon after bringing it home. I love that now it has a fun design. You can't really tell in these pictures but I also painted around the inside rim of the vase with the gold paint because it was getting chipped and looking pretty bad in there. 

I really love the repeat of triangles that I have going on on this table- first with the bowl that I sharpied the triangle design onto, and now with this vase. 

Oh and speaking of the bowl- since I had the gold paint out anyway I went ahead and used it on the bottom of the bowl. Just to do one more thing to make it look more like a decorative bowl and less like a salad bowl that I drew a design on. Because that's actually what it is. 

The triangles were seriously one of the fastest projects ever. And it's crazy how something so small can have such a big impact in a room. They are one more thing making my entryway look a little more stylish and inviting. 

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  1. Seriously? Easy AND awesome? Yup, trying it at home. :)

  2. Very cute! (Still loving that elephant...)

  3. Wow! So easy! It turned out so pretty. $1 dollar vase looks expensive now.
    Hope you had a nice holiday weekend, Brooke.