03 May 2013

Framed Penny

 Here's what I did today-

I took this old, dusty frame...

and this old, lucky penny...

and after giving the frame a good cleanup and several coats of silver paint, put the two together and ended up with this:

I got that penny in Las Vegas when Rob and I first met. I guess it really was lucky, because we ended up getting married a year later. 

I like having it out where we can see it, and it and it's spiffed up frame are looking so cute in their new spot:

I decided to use bright blue scrapbook paper as the backing for the penny. I like the little pop of color it's giving this area.

I also like how it ties in with the little bit of blue over in the next room:

Happy weekend!


  1. Brilliant Brooke! Hey, that sounds great together. "Brilliant Brooke". It has a great ring to it. (hug)

    I love what you did with the two blue spots of color. See, brilliant?

  2. Too cute. Love special touches like this. When I was a kid I used to collect smashed pennies. So fun.

  3. Looks great! And...it is a lucky penny!

  4. The frame definitely look better in silver than black. It makes the details "pop out". What a great addition to your console!

    Have a fun weekend, Brooke!


  5. You are so cute, Brooke!! And so creative, I am sad I never had you over to help me! We just moved to a 2 bedroom on Chicago Ave, help?! :)

  6. What a unique idea - love the frame and the idea of the penny is great!!