06 May 2013

Postcard Framed

 It FINALLY stopped raining here in Florida!! (At least where I live.) After 4 days of non-stop rain it is so nice to see the sun shining! I'm going to go enjoy it with the kids. Before I go though, here's the postcard that I've had on my mantel- it finally has a frame.



I found this 4x6 silver frame at Target this weekend, and I love the texture it has with all those raised bumps on the front. 

I talked in an earlier post about how this postcard is one my dad gave me when I was a kid. 

It's super special to me so I feel better having it protected in a frame instead of just propped up on the mantel where it could potentially get blown off by the ceiling fan and ripped in half by a kid. (At least that's the scenario I imagined over and over.) 

Plus the silver frame looks pretty with the other silver stuff up there. 

Now I'm off to soak up some sun!


  1. Beautiful postcard!!! I love your idea of framing it. Have a lovely week.

  2. I remember this post and loved it! Glad to see you have it protected and it does go lovely with all the other items on display!

    Glad the weather is letting up for you! I wish we would get a little more rain, doesn't seem like we have had any this Spring.

  3. What a special memory to keep out on the mantel. I love it!

  4. Very cool frame! Perfect for a treasured memory!


  5. I have the the old post card trick many times
    Love that yours is from your dad