01 May 2013

Potty Training and White Kitchens

 This title probably makes you instantly envision some pretty gross stuff, but I promise the two have no relation to each other in this post!

Yes, I successfully completed potty training my twins {Woo-Hoo!} and I've traded the diapers in my purse for extra pairs of underwear. 

I'm sooo excited to see how much more I'll be able to save on my grocery shopping now that we won't be buying diapers. 

Completely unrelated to potty training is that I'm talking about white kitchens over on GoldenageUSA's blog, and why they are so dang appealing. Check it out here

1 comment:

  1. God bless you and the twins! Potty training takes fortitude and courage! Love me some white kitchens, too.