24 May 2013

Re-framing A Penny

 Remember this lucky penny that I framed a few weeks ago? 

I have not been satisfied with the frame it was in. It was an old one that I've had for years, and even though I cleaned it up and repainted it, it was just too busy looking for what I was wanting for this penny. Really the only thing I liked about the frame was it's square shape. 

So today I picked up a new square frame from Target and I'm liking the look so much better. 



This little frame was only $7.99 and I love how much more simple it is. 

I thought about keeping the penny on the blue paper like I had in the last frame, but I decided I liked it on a white background instead so that the penny is the focal point and not the bright paper. 

You may or may not have noticed that the frame isn't the only newbie to the table. 

That little gold bowl is also from Target and was only $4.99. 
The DIY paper flowers that I've had in this spot up until today really took a beating during our move from Minnesota back to Florida. After sitting in a box with a bunch of pillows and vases they were pretty squished. So they've been replaced by these mini faux hydrangeas. (I think they're actually called snowballs??) And while I love the black and white tin the paper flowers were in, it's nice to change things up since it's been the same way for quite a while. 

What I really love about this bowl is how well it goes with the elephant I picked up last week (also from Target) that's sitting on the table by the front door...the two are such a perfect little pair. 

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend! We are going to "camp" with the kids in the backyard for a night...should be interesting! If things get too uncomfortable I may have to take a bathroom break and  not come back outside. 


  1. I like the new frame and white background so much more than the "before" one. The penny is the focal point now.

  2. This looks great, Brooke! I'm a huge fan of decorating with hydrangeas! I have been looking for affordable hydrangeas and most of them are hundreds of dollars online. Did you get the hydrangeas from Target, too?

    Oh, and one more thing. Did you have a diy on the palm leaf prints? I know you wrote an article on decor with large palm leaves but I'm not sure if you had a diy.

  3. Aren't you smart?! Love the penny in its new frame and matting. That elephant is too cute!

  4. that is so so clever.....
    I love how you use your imagination....and find ways to reinvent the simplest of objects.

  5. It looks SO much better. I'm glad you trusted your instincts!

  6. That is stunning and your dog is sooooo cute... the black version of my doggy! I LOVE YOUR HOUSE! In fact, that more transitional style is my absolute favorite! As soon as we move out of our barn (Which I am having a blast with) and back to the states, I am definitely going more transitional! Thanks for all the inspiration and I am thrilled to be your newest follower!! I am drooling over all your posts!

  7. Frames can make or break
    I have a frame with the "you are my sunshine" lyrics on it that my two boys are in when they were young
    One of my favs