10 May 2013

Sharpie Design on a Salad Bowl

 Yesterday I showed you guys how in my quest to finally do something with our entryway,
I brought in a little table that I'd painted a dark gray.  

In the pictures of it you'll see there's a small wooden bowl sitting on top of it: 

That's a salad bowl. 

Since my budget for sprucing up this room is small, I tried to use what I already had as much as I could. So when I was looking for things to fill the tabletop I just wandered around the house and grabbed whatever I thought would work. We got a set of these wooden salad bowls for our wedding, and for the first few years every time we had salad I served it in them. But now I never bother- we either plop it on our plates or grab a different set of bowls because they're closer to get to. So I knew we wouldn't miss this bowl if I used it over here on the table. 

But I wanted it to look more decorative and less like a bowl to eat salad out of. Plus I wanted to add some pattern to this room. 

 I decided to draw a design on it using a black sharpie. The design I came up with was inspired by all the triangles that are EVERYWHERE now and that I am loving, and it was also inspired by the fact that I would have to do no measuring and no math in order to do it. It's a random design but with the exact same sized shape repeated over and over, so it's abstract AND orderly. (At least that's what I'm telling myself- you might just think it looks like I traced a bunch of Doritos around the outside of my bowl.)

So to begin, I cut the corner of a piece of thick paper to make a triangle:

Then I held the triangle to the side of the bowl and traced it in pencil.

Every time I moved the paper triangle to trace it again, I'd lay it in a different direction and let it overlap other triangles I'd already drawn, making a penciled design like this:

Once I'd gone all the way around the bowl, I went back over all my pencil marks with a sharpie marker. 

It was not that easy to do. I could definitely never be a surgeon because my unsteady hands would kill more people than I'd save. And the bowl has tiny cracks and dents in the wood that made it even harder to keep my lines straight. But knowing that I had three more of these bowls if I completely screwed this one up made me less afraid of using a permanent marker on it. There's nothing like excess to make you comfortable. 

Here is how the process looked partway through:

You can see that some of my lines look like I was scared of something while I was drawing them. 

But despite that, I still think it turned out pretty cool- especially for being totally free. 

The only thing to do after finishing up with the sharpie was to go back with an eraser and get rid of all my pencil lines. And I discovered that with some extra pressure the pencil eraser would actually completely erase the sharpie too, so I was able to clean up some areas where my marker had really gone astray or where my lines were way too thick. 

And here's the bowl now, back on the foyer table:

I really am liking the design- I think the layout of the triangles looks kind of 80's and then the fact that the triangles are open and just traced with black (instead of being color-blocked) makes it look current. 

I actually like it so much I'm tempted to eat a salad out of it. Or better yet some ice-cream. 
But then I'd have to wash the bowl and I'm not sure how that sharpie would stand up to the dishwasher. 
So I'll just keep admiring it on the table.

I plan to finish this room's little fix-up this weekend, so I should have photos early next week.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. This looks great, and I have that exact same bowl. Hello Sharpie!

  2. Super cute Brooke! And I love that you painted the table black, it really helps it stand out. Happy Mother's Day weekend love!! ;-)

  3. cute idea
    the last thing i used my sharpie on was to distinguish son1 and son2's jeans when doing the laundry ha

  4. What a clever way to transform an ordinary bowl!

    Happy Mother's Day, Brooke!