28 June 2013

3D Art Tutorial

 Yesterday I made this super easy art and I am in love with it! 

All I needed to make this was:

-a frame
-thin poster board
-hot glue

I took the glass out of my frame and used the paper insert that it came with to cut my poster board to size.

I then glued the cut poster board directly to the inside of the frame backing:

I used these beads that I got from Michaels- 

-and hot glued them in a line down the middle of the poster board. 

Then I reattached the frame and had this.

Next week I'll show how it looks hung!

Btw, today I'm at Chandelier Warehouse  talking colored light fixtures and why I love them. Read it here

27 June 2013

Thank You To My Sponsors!

 I want to take a minute to thank one of my wonderful sponsors-

Chandelier Warehouse - a source for gorgeous chandeliers in every style imaginable. 

If you're in need of beautiful lighting be sure to check out their products.

26 June 2013

DIY Dalmatian Print Art

My inspiration for this art was this room from Lonny:

I know that dotted art isn't dalmatian print, but when I saw it it made me think how fab a big framed dalmatian print would be. 

All I needed for this DIY was a yard of dalmatian print fabric (from Joann for around $12/yd),

and two of these poster frames (from Michaels during a buy 1 get 1 free sale): 

At first I was picturing how awesome these would look with the bold black and white spots standing out so much against the wall.

But then as I was cutting the fabric to fit the frames, I found myself loving it's more subtle side:

So I ended up flipping it over and framing it with the back showing. 

(btw, I know you may be judging me by how my kid is dressed....but I like to pick my battles, and worrying about whether pj tops match pj bottoms just isn't all that important to me.)

Since I hung this art over a black and white table, I also really like the fabric flipped over to the gray side because that way it looks a little more soft and layered over there instead of everything jumping out in super bold black and white. 

However, if you paid attention to the above photo, you'll see the problem this new art created:
it did not look good with my diy spotted lampshade

Luckily I'd already known when I started this art that the two wouldn't play well together and that I'd need a new shade. 

So I got a simple gray linen one from Target to take the place of this one. 

I just love this new art!

*Update: I've added more to this wall and now it's complete and looking absolutely fab- come see how my dalmatian art looks now that it has some company! HERE. 

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25 June 2013

Moving Furniture And Making Art

 Over the weekend I switched some things around in the living room.
I've been feeling for a while like the contents on this wall-

and this wall-

-needed to be swapped with each other. 

Even though the oversized photo print is really big, the wall it was on is even bigger, and ended up dwarfing it. And on such a giant wall, that bench looked lost and wimpy. 

Over here on the wall with the console, this art also was too small (although I don't have a good photo that shows it.)

Also what you can't see in pictures are a ton of huge nail holes that were in this wall when we moved in. We've been meaning to ask our landlord for the name of the paint color so we could fill the holes and paint over them, but we just haven't done it. But looking at them every day was driving me crazy. So I measured the distance between all the holes and realized that if I moved the giant photo over to this wall, it would cover all the nail holes without us having to patch anything. 

So here is this wall now, with the bench and the oversized photo print moved over to it. 

They both fit this wall space so much better, and the photo has so much more impact now that it's on a smaller wall. 

On the living room wall where the bench was, we now have this going on:

The new art is a DIY I'll be showing you soon!

I'm not finished with this wall yet- I'm working on filling it up some more and should have photos soon.  But even like this it looks so much better than before. 

It's so much easier to concentrate on movies and stuff now that our walls look more balanced! ( I said that to Rob the other night and he looked at me like I was a looney.)

21 June 2013

New Dining Room Chairs

 Yesterday during torrential rain, three gigantic boxes arrived:

So far I've only unpacked one box and put it's two chairs together- the other 4 chairs are still sitting in their boxes waiting for their legs. I hate putting legs on chairs. I've done it more times than I can count but it never fails that every time I'm laying on the floor trying to line up the screw with the holes in the chair and the holes in the top of the leg, and I'm headachy from squinting, and my finger tips are bruising, and I'm hissing curses to myself and imagining taking one of the chair legs and beating the chair with it. It's maddening. And since we don't have a table yet we don't actually have a need for any of these chairs at the moment so I'm going to take my time putting them together. Maybe one a week...? 

It does feel good to be getting what we need to make our dining room usable again. We now have seating and a centerpiece- now to get the table! 

17 June 2013


 I have peeked at both of these sites before, but I just recently signed up for their email alerts and really shopped their collections and oh.my.heavens are they addicting!!

Since their collections are set up as a flash sale that only lasts a few days, you have to snatch stuff up before it goes, which for me adds to the excitement. I'd heard that on either site stuff will disappear from your cart if you leave it sitting in there too long, so when I bought from both sites recently I knew I couldn't take my sweet time with my shopping. It still was unsettling though to add an item that I was just dying over into my cart and then instantly see a timer appear that was counting down the minutes until the item would be taken out of my cart. I was practically hyperventilating as I was checking out. 

One thing I got was this gorgeous settee from Joss & Main:

I'd been shopping around for one for weeks and had tried several stores and this was one of my favorites for what I'm wanting it for, and it was the least expensive.

It wont be here for at least 4 weeks so I'm impatiently waiting. 
Any guesses on where I'll be using it?? 

14 June 2013

Color Combo: Navy Blue and Poppy Pink

 A friend of mine recently asked me to help her find ideas for making her bedroom navy blue, poppy pink, and white.  It's a color combo I've never played around with before, and now that I have I'm completely obsessed. 

This is one of the inspiration photos that she had pinned on Pinterest. 

How insanely gorgeous are these colors?? 

Here are some of the things I found her:

{aerial photograph} One Kings Lane

Of course her adorable kitty has to get in on the color scheme too...

I also loved gold with these colors so I threw some gold stuff into the mix as well:

It's official: I can't get enough of this color combo. My friend has great taste for loving this pairing!