28 June 2013

3D Art Tutorial

 Yesterday I made this super easy art and I am in love with it! 

All I needed to make this was:

-a frame
-thin poster board
-hot glue

I took the glass out of my frame and used the paper insert that it came with to cut my poster board to size.

I then glued the cut poster board directly to the inside of the frame backing:

I used these beads that I got from Michaels- 

-and hot glued them in a line down the middle of the poster board. 

Then I reattached the frame and had this.

Next week I'll show how it looks hung!

Btw, today I'm at Chandelier Warehouse  talking colored light fixtures and why I love them. Read it here


  1. There is an element of elegance and simplicity to a lot of your projects, Brooke. I like that!