11 June 2013

Dining Room Inspiration

 I'm planning my dining room's new look now that I moved it's original table and chairs into the breakfast nook.

I've got the table decided on for sure but even though I know the chair style I want, I haven't got the exact chairs chosen yet. I've been spending hours searching for just the right (affordable) option. 

Since I'm obsessing over my dining room at the moment, I keep staring at dining room pictures to get inspiration. Here are some of my favs: 


  1. Me, too! It's so exciting! I'm telling you nothing gets me in the mood like a good makeover! I was feeling so sick the other night and my husband put on design star and all of a sudden I was feeling a little better! LOL

    Unfortunately I can't budget in a new table and have to use my old one. I did just buy the madeline oak side chairs from restoration hardware. I think I'm feeling like going with a belgium type look. I don't know though, it'll be eclectic for sure.

    I can't wait to see your choices!

    1. I think I should have said nothing gets me in a GOOD mood like a good makeover! LOL How it's written looks a little inappropriate! :D

    2. HAHA!! I liked how you wrote it the first time- LOL! But yes, nothing gets me in a good mood like a makeover either! Have fun with your dining room also!

  2. Oh, and I considered the chandelier, 2nd photo from bottom in different parts of my house, too. Love it and great option!