26 June 2013

DIY Dalmatian Print Art

My inspiration for this art was this room from Lonny:

I know that dotted art isn't dalmatian print, but when I saw it it made me think how fab a big framed dalmatian print would be. 

All I needed for this DIY was a yard of dalmatian print fabric (from Joann for around $12/yd),

and two of these poster frames (from Michaels during a buy 1 get 1 free sale): 

At first I was picturing how awesome these would look with the bold black and white spots standing out so much against the wall.

But then as I was cutting the fabric to fit the frames, I found myself loving it's more subtle side:

So I ended up flipping it over and framing it with the back showing. 

(btw, I know you may be judging me by how my kid is dressed....but I like to pick my battles, and worrying about whether pj tops match pj bottoms just isn't all that important to me.)

Since I hung this art over a black and white table, I also really like the fabric flipped over to the gray side because that way it looks a little more soft and layered over there instead of everything jumping out in super bold black and white. 

However, if you paid attention to the above photo, you'll see the problem this new art created:
it did not look good with my diy spotted lampshade

Luckily I'd already known when I started this art that the two wouldn't play well together and that I'd need a new shade. 

So I got a simple gray linen one from Target to take the place of this one. 

I just love this new art!

*Update: I've added more to this wall and now it's complete and looking absolutely fab- come see how my dalmatian art looks now that it has some company! HERE. 

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  2. I love it! and I love that it's really so simple!!

    {and I'm impressed that the boy is dressed.... mine prefers being naked... thank heavens for summer sun :) }

  3. Great effort here Miss Brooke! Your style and talent is so appealing to me. Have you seen my animal print in my post? hahahhaha, you'll die.

  4. Great idea! I love the framed fabric. Your new shade is looks perfect against the animal print.

  5. It looks perfect! Great idea and great job!

  6. What a fantastic idea and it turned out so well