25 June 2013

Moving Furniture And Making Art

 Over the weekend I switched some things around in the living room.
I've been feeling for a while like the contents on this wall-

and this wall-

-needed to be swapped with each other. 

Even though the oversized photo print is really big, the wall it was on is even bigger, and ended up dwarfing it. And on such a giant wall, that bench looked lost and wimpy. 

Over here on the wall with the console, this art also was too small (although I don't have a good photo that shows it.)

Also what you can't see in pictures are a ton of huge nail holes that were in this wall when we moved in. We've been meaning to ask our landlord for the name of the paint color so we could fill the holes and paint over them, but we just haven't done it. But looking at them every day was driving me crazy. So I measured the distance between all the holes and realized that if I moved the giant photo over to this wall, it would cover all the nail holes without us having to patch anything. 

So here is this wall now, with the bench and the oversized photo print moved over to it. 

They both fit this wall space so much better, and the photo has so much more impact now that it's on a smaller wall. 

On the living room wall where the bench was, we now have this going on:

The new art is a DIY I'll be showing you soon!

I'm not finished with this wall yet- I'm working on filling it up some more and should have photos soon.  But even like this it looks so much better than before. 

It's so much easier to concentrate on movies and stuff now that our walls look more balanced! ( I said that to Rob the other night and he looked at me like I was a looney.)


  1. These are so nice. I really like them. Thanks for sharing. hospitality design firms

  2. Great changes....you have no idea the number of "nail" holes we have! MC spends hours patching!
    Balance makes all the difference in life!!!

  3. I totally know what you mean - I can't watch a tv unless things in my built-ins are right. Otherwise I just stare at them the whole time. :) I think the switch looks great and I love your DIY!