03 June 2013

{Old} Table Re-Do

 I say "old" not because the table was old, but because this project is old- I did this a few years ago before I had a blog. I found the photos yesterday and decided to share because I think they turned out really cute. 

This was my very first time painting furniture and I was TERRIFIED. But I was tired of our kitchen table and chairs and wanted to give them a new look. 

Here's an in-progress shot of when I started sanding- I remember feeling really freaked out at this point because there was no turning back now that I'd scratched up the tabletop. 

Here it is primed: 
{This was before I knew you could buy a paint + primer in one}

And the finished table and chairs:

Those chairs were a PAIN to paint- I think it took like 5 or 6 coats to turn them an even black. That's when I realized that it's sometimes harder to make something darker than it is to make it lighter. 
But I think it was worth the time it took to paint because the black and white combo came out so cute! 

I don't have this table and chairs anymore so it was fun finding the pictures and reminiscing about my first big furniture re-do. This project is what gave me the guts to start making changes to the stuff I had. 
I think I did pretty good for a first-timer!


  1. Brooke, you astound me. I have had a table that I got at Savers for $8 last year and it still isn't painted. You say "zip zap" at it is all done. Fabulous! Yes, Irises are like weeds here. You can pull them out of the ground, leave them for days and then replant them and they grow again. They never die. hahahahahaha.

  2. I love that you re purposed the table
    We still have an old bed we got at the Salvation Army when we first got married for $10. That bed has been made over quite a few times.