31 July 2013

Thank You Sponsors!

 I want to take a minute to thank the people who help fund my blog and it's projects! I'm so grateful for the sponsors that I have because without them I wouldn't have as much to blog about. 

Chandelier Warehouse (who's blog I also write for once a week) is a premier source for chandeliers and other lighting fixtures and their choices are almost endless. They have lighting for every design style out there. 

If you're in the market for new lighting you must go see what they have to offer. I'd be willing to bet you'll find something you love! 

Tastemaker Collection At Arcadianhome.com

 I guess I can call myself a curator now- at least for the next 6 days.
That's how long the collection I put together for Arcadianhome.com will be on sale.

I'm so so excited about this sale- I've been looking forward to it all summer! 

I went with a super glam look because I wanted to choose things that would mesh well with any style of decor. And I firmly believe that no matter what your style is, you should always have at least a little glam mixed in to make the whole thing look more up-scale. 

Here are a few of my favorites from the collection I put together:

That's just a little taste- there's lots more glamorous gorgeousness so make sure you come check out my collection and shop it before it ends! 

30 July 2013

Vase Filler Switch-Up



The paper chain was looking crushed so I replaced it with broken glass. It's glass from a door in our first house (story is here).

I like that on the opposite shelves there's the frame that I covered with the rest of this glass

26 July 2013

Need A Map?

 How's this? 

Forget framing a map- just cover the whole wall with one.
I think I'd like this in a kid's bathroom or bedroom. I'd feel like they were getting a geography lesson every time they brushed their teeth. 

Happy weekend! 

25 July 2013

Should All Your Overhead Lighting Match?

 It's what I'm discussing over on the blog for Chandelier Warehouse today. 

Oh and I'm using more photos from the gorgeous house of Giuliana and Bill Rancic (like in yesterday's post) to make my point. Read it here

24 July 2013

Copying A Look In A Simple Way

 I know I'm not the only one who's completely in love with this living room. 

If you haven't seen it yet, it's the living room of Giuliana and Bill Rancic and every time I look at it I swoon. 

While I'd love to replicate just about everything in here in my own house, my budget stops me. So what I do instead, whenever there's a room I'm really crazy for, is to focus in on some of the little details that make me love it so much and then just try to replicate those. I won't end up with the same room {at all} but I'll get a tiny bit of what I was loving out of the inspiration room. 

So in this room, one thing I really love is that horse statue behind the couch. 

I decided I had to have a white statue of a horse. 

Then last weekend, I saw a horse statue for $20 at HomeGoods. It was not the right color and the details are different but it's still a horse and it was a great price so I brought it home with me. 

It was the perfect thing to fill the empty spot on the bottom shelf in the dining room where I'd swiped a vase to use in the entryway

All it needed was a little spray paint to get it from this: 

To this:

It's definitely not a dead-ringer for the one in the Rancic house, but that doesn't bother me- I now have a white horse just like they do. That makes my house so close to being as cool as theirs. 

23 July 2013

High-Style Nurseries

 With everyone buzzing about the arrival of the royal baby yesterday, it's got me thinking about nurseries. I've never had a "real" one before and I think it'd be so much fun to decorate one. I'd love to see photos of what Kate did with hers; hopefully some will be published soon. What ever it looks like, it's sure to be sophisticated. 

I really love an upscale looking nursery. Something sweet and youthful, but with a grown-up dose of style. And even though everyone has boy babies on the brain right now since the royal baby turns out to be a boy, the nurseries I'm crushing the hardest on are for girls.

One of my favorites is this one: 

Of all the colors to paint a nursery, probably the last color that would ever come to mind would be black. But the black on the walls, doors, trim, and ceiling of this room make it look so sophisticated. The pink mixed in keeps it sweet and girly, but I like that even that isn't a bubblegum pink like you'd expect for a baby- it's more of a melon shade that looks more grown up. The detailing on the drawer of the crib, the drape and rug pattern, and the wallpaper all contribute to the posh feel of this room, while the art hung in a casual way on the door, and the butterfly on the ceiling help keep it relaxed and fun. I'd love to take this idea and run with it somewhere. I think you'd definitely have to be really really careful about the shade of black you chose or else instead of an elegant nursery you could end up with a gothic nightmare. I like that this shade isn't a heavy black- it's more of a super dark gray. 

This nursery is another one of my favorites- it has that dark wall color + pink pairing that I'm liking, and once again it's with a more sophisticated shade of pink.


I like how this room stays looking super light and bright because of all the white everywhere else but on that one wall. I also really like the touches of gold and the design on the accent wall. I LOVE the camel print above the dresser- you can get it here at The Animal Print Shop.

These rooms are enough to give anyone baby fever. 

22 July 2013

Goodbye To A Vase, And Hello To New Flowers

 On Friday of last week, I had to say goodbye to this vase:

It's the one I did the DIY triangle design on and I just loved it. 

But tragically, in a frenzy to get to the window to bark at some neighborhood children, both of our dogs plowed headfirst into the table Friday afternoon and knocked the vase to the floor where it shattered into about a billion pieces. 

So after searching in vain for something cheap + non-breakable to replace it, I just took this silver one from the bottom shelf in the dining room. 

I filled it with faux hydrangeas and as much as I miss the old vase, I think this one looks pretty in it's new home. It's exactly what I need for this spot- it's metal and light-weight so if the dogs {or kids}  knock it over it won't break. I got it from West Elm a few years ago. 

You can tell from this photo that it's a dark, rainy day today. The weather is screwing up my spray painting plans, but hopefully the rain will let up so that I can get to a project that this tablescape change necessitated. {Gotta have something for that now empty spot on the bottom shelf in the dining room.} With any luck I'll be able to post about it in a day or two.  

18 July 2013

Dining Area Mixed Seating

Today I'm at Chandelier Warehouse  with a post about one of my favorite eating area looks- mixed seating. It's a look I've had in our dining room with the bench mixed in with the chairs-

-And now that this table and chairs has been relocated, I plan to do this look in a different way with our new dining table and chairs. 

Come read my post to see different ways to mix up seating at a table. I promise you'll be wanting to mix up  your own seating after seeing some of these ideas! 

17 July 2013

Blogger Style I'm loving: Kiki's List

 For the most part, the number one thing that makes me fall in love with a particular home design blog, is when I love the taste and style of the person behind the blog. It's why my favorite thing to read about on other blogs similar to mine is how the blogger decorates their own home. 

I just found a new blog that I now can't get enough of- it's called Kiki's List. It's the blog of Krista Salmon and this girl has got awesome style. Glamorous, bold, bright, fun, eclectic, sophisticated...it's all there in her gorgeous house. 

Oh and she's so not scared of color. 

{Dang you Krista- Just when I had myself convinced that I was going to leave my tortoise shell alone...}

All images via Kiki's List

I just love that metallic cowhide piano bench. And the striped ceiling in her daughter's room has me swooning. Check out Krista's blog to see lots more photos of her home.