09 July 2013

{Almost} Free Art

On Thursday last week I was over at the blog Love On Sunday sharing where I got the colorful map of ocean currents that I have hanging on this wall. 

If you didn't read my post with Amy, the print came from a National Geographic magazine that I got for just a few cents at a library a few years ago. I love these magazines because they have so many beautiful photographs and maps that can be used as art. Sometimes they even have really big maps folded inside- like 3x3 feet or more. 

My National Geographic didn't have anything that big in it, but it did have the colorful satellite image that I framed on the right side of my living room's gallery wall.

I also added this photograph from the magazine to the other side of the wall:

It's a photograph of the water meeting the sand at a beach. I love how the light is hitting the water just right to show the pattern that the sand and water make when they meet up with each other. 

I'm sure this will eventually get switched out for something else. When I was putting this wall of frames together I needed some free frame fillers so I went to my trusty magazine knowing I'd be able to find some temporary art for some of my frames. I highly recommend National Geographic magazines as a place to find super cheap and attractive art. 


  1. Great idea! And I love how your gallery wall is looking!

  2. This is such a great idea!

  3. What a clever idea! You don't need to switch them out...they are great as they are!

  4. Love it! It all looks great :)

  5. I love using pics from magazines to make art
    Several years ago I made a giant collage for one of my sons using Sports Illustrated covers
    It still hangs over his bed

  6. Thanks for the link love :) I'm loving this new print. The copper color is gorgeous!