17 July 2013

Blogger Style I'm loving: Kiki's List

 For the most part, the number one thing that makes me fall in love with a particular home design blog, is when I love the taste and style of the person behind the blog. It's why my favorite thing to read about on other blogs similar to mine is how the blogger decorates their own home. 

I just found a new blog that I now can't get enough of- it's called Kiki's List. It's the blog of Krista Salmon and this girl has got awesome style. Glamorous, bold, bright, fun, eclectic, sophisticated...it's all there in her gorgeous house. 

Oh and she's so not scared of color. 

{Dang you Krista- Just when I had myself convinced that I was going to leave my tortoise shell alone...}

All images via Kiki's List

I just love that metallic cowhide piano bench. And the striped ceiling in her daughter's room has me swooning. Check out Krista's blog to see lots more photos of her home. 


  1. OK, I'm loving this house! Thanks for the intro!!

  2. I have been following her for a while. Her house especially her daughter's room was the room that caught my eyes a while ago.

    She is a talented lady for sure!

    Have a good day, Brooke!


  3. Wow! Gorgeous home!

  4. Loving those gold turtle shells!