01 July 2013

Finished Living Room Wall

 Last week I posted about this art I made from beads-

All three (along with a few other things) are now sharing a wall:

If you remember, only a little over a week ago this wall looked like this:

In case you missed the riveting saga of this wall, the gist is that I hated the way the bench -and even the huge photo- got lost on it's big empty space. 

So I switched some things around and the bench and photo got put on a smaller wall behind the couch and the console table and it's art got moved over here. 





The same day that I made the switch, I also made that dalmatian print art that's above the console table in the after photo. 

But the wall was still big and bare looking. 

But it's not anymore now that I finished filling it up.

I was so SO stoked to find the faux tortoise shell from the Nate Berkus collection in the clearance isle at Target and marked down to less than $12. 

The dark green color is perfect for picking up the dark green in the art on the opposite end of the wall, and even in the beads that I framed and hung at the top of the wall. You can't tell from the photos but they're made to look like stone and have dark green veins all through them. I also love that it adds a little more interest to the whole grouping since now it isn't just a bunch of frames. (Although it would have been fine if it was.) 

Along with framing things that are just up there purely for looks, I also included a drawing by my oldest son, the framed t-shirt that my husband proposed to me in, and a shirt my daughter wore all the time as a baby. So it feels like a nice mix. 

I really love how these two walls finally look right.


  1. Great use of such a large wall. Don't you just love when DIY's go right? The new place is really coming together nicely.

    1. Thank you Kristen! And yes, I LOVE it when they go right! (Especially since they don't always!:)

  2. It's looking great! Fantastic use of space.

  3. Great transformation on that wall! I love your DIY bead art, it's simple and beautiful.


  4. Fabulous Brooke! You really made the large wall 'your own'-- great stories behind all of the art. Great the way it all coordinates!