22 July 2013

Goodbye To A Vase, And Hello To New Flowers

 On Friday of last week, I had to say goodbye to this vase:

It's the one I did the DIY triangle design on and I just loved it. 

But tragically, in a frenzy to get to the window to bark at some neighborhood children, both of our dogs plowed headfirst into the table Friday afternoon and knocked the vase to the floor where it shattered into about a billion pieces. 

So after searching in vain for something cheap + non-breakable to replace it, I just took this silver one from the bottom shelf in the dining room. 

I filled it with faux hydrangeas and as much as I miss the old vase, I think this one looks pretty in it's new home. It's exactly what I need for this spot- it's metal and light-weight so if the dogs {or kids}  knock it over it won't break. I got it from West Elm a few years ago. 

You can tell from this photo that it's a dark, rainy day today. The weather is screwing up my spray painting plans, but hopefully the rain will let up so that I can get to a project that this tablescape change necessitated. {Gotta have something for that now empty spot on the bottom shelf in the dining room.} With any luck I'll be able to post about it in a day or two.  


  1. RIP white triangle vase....but I do like the West Elm very much!

  2. I like the silver vase, in it's own space! Looks great.

  3. Ha, I have a vase very similar to that with blue hydrangea in my kitchen...great minds