23 July 2013

High-Style Nurseries

 With everyone buzzing about the arrival of the royal baby yesterday, it's got me thinking about nurseries. I've never had a "real" one before and I think it'd be so much fun to decorate one. I'd love to see photos of what Kate did with hers; hopefully some will be published soon. What ever it looks like, it's sure to be sophisticated. 

I really love an upscale looking nursery. Something sweet and youthful, but with a grown-up dose of style. And even though everyone has boy babies on the brain right now since the royal baby turns out to be a boy, the nurseries I'm crushing the hardest on are for girls.

One of my favorites is this one: 

Of all the colors to paint a nursery, probably the last color that would ever come to mind would be black. But the black on the walls, doors, trim, and ceiling of this room make it look so sophisticated. The pink mixed in keeps it sweet and girly, but I like that even that isn't a bubblegum pink like you'd expect for a baby- it's more of a melon shade that looks more grown up. The detailing on the drawer of the crib, the drape and rug pattern, and the wallpaper all contribute to the posh feel of this room, while the art hung in a casual way on the door, and the butterfly on the ceiling help keep it relaxed and fun. I'd love to take this idea and run with it somewhere. I think you'd definitely have to be really really careful about the shade of black you chose or else instead of an elegant nursery you could end up with a gothic nightmare. I like that this shade isn't a heavy black- it's more of a super dark gray. 

This nursery is another one of my favorites- it has that dark wall color + pink pairing that I'm liking, and once again it's with a more sophisticated shade of pink.


I like how this room stays looking super light and bright because of all the white everywhere else but on that one wall. I also really like the touches of gold and the design on the accent wall. I LOVE the camel print above the dresser- you can get it here at The Animal Print Shop.

These rooms are enough to give anyone baby fever. 


  1. The black one is stunning...but it would be very hard to pull off.

    1. I agree! Everything would have to be perfect otherwise it could really be awful.

  2. I've had nurseries on the brain, too! Love your write up! I agree about the black and that is a super deep gray. I did the same for the stripes in my sunroom, the black was too deep so I lightened it to a soft black.

    1. Thanks! And I love your stripes!! Can't wait to see more of them when you reveal everything.

  3. Love the second nursery, but I have to say...thank the Lord that I don't have to worry about that any more. :)