10 July 2013

Making A Snakeskin Book Cover With Duct Tape

First of all I have to credit Megan from the blog Honey We're Home for giving me this idea. I saw a post she did earlier this week about a snakeskin mousepad and tray that she made using snakeskin printed duct tape. 

I LOVED the idea so yesterday I ran out to Target to get the same tape. 

I decided I wanted to use it on a book to fix a tiny "problem area". 

This basket.

It holds magazines and FHE idea books (if you aren't of my faith you'll have no clue what that means- family home evening. :) Anyways I feel like it looks kind of cluttery in there, and more so when you can see the cover of the magazine in front. I like it when there's something more "neutral" up front that will keep the whole thing looking a little less busy. 

I used to have some simple framed art in the front of the basket but I took it out last week and now staring at the magazine covers every time I come in the room has been bugging me. 
I admit sometimes I make mountains out of molehills when it comes to stuff like this. 

I stuck a plain book in the front and it did the job of simplifying things, but it was just a little too boring now. And I wasn't feeling that shade of green. 

By the way, can I just say now that I hate that stupid raised step thing on the fireplace that protrudes into the room??? HATE it. I could have a cute little chair sitting there if it weren't for that freaking thing. 

Anyways back to the book.

It was the perfect thing to makeover with some tape. 

I started at the edge where you open the book and folded it around just a little bit into the inside of the cover. I made sure there was a little bit of overhang at the top edge of the book too so I could fold the tape over and have that part be covered. 

When I got to the spine of the book I made sure to give the tape enough slack that I could fit it into all the little curves really tightly so that it could open and close like normal. 

Here's a better look at how I taped around the edge of the book binding. 

After that I just went back and forth across the front and back covers until my book had gone from this:

To this:

The only part I really screwed up on is the last strip of tape I laid- you can see it at the top of the book. I'd been lining up all the tape really close to the edge of the piece before it and it kept the pattern looking pretty decent although far from perfect. But with the last piece of tape when I brought it right up to the edge of the piece before it, there was way too much overhang at the outside edge. I should have just cut off the excess but instead I backed the tape up till it was where it needed to be on the outside edge and then just laid it halfway over the pattern of the strip of tape behind it. So it chops that pattern in half and suddenly makes it totally obvious that this is a strip of tape. I'll probably have to fix it soon because it's bugging me. But anyways if you do this, don't make my mistake. Take the extra two seconds to cut the tape to fit. 

But despite that blunder I'm still in love with my new book!

And now the basket looks more orderly but still has some personality too. 

The living room is starting to look a little wild. This is the 3rd animal print in here- now we've got zebra, dalmatian, and snake. Plus a sheepskin on the ottoman. I probably shouldn't introduce anymore. 


  1. awesome, Im going to go get some of that tape TODAY!!!!
    xo Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy, and yes get some! I love this tape- now I can't stop thinking about all the things I want to cover in it!

  2. Wow, that's some pretty awesome tape. LOVE IT, Brooke!

  3. Didn't know they come up with a snakeskin duct tape, how clever! Thanks for sharing, your book looks great!