08 July 2013

Rock It

 If there is any trend I am crazy over right now it is this one: decorating with semi-precious stones. 

I love this idea from 29 Rue House- she framed her agate slices. 

We were up in North Carolina for the weekend and I was hoping to find myself some kind of geode slice while we were there. But I didn't get to do the shopping I'd hoped to, and the one store I did go to didn't have anything as big as what I'm looking for. But there are a lot of places to buy at least the thin slices online, so I really don't need to find them in an actual store. 

As a kid I had TONS of semi-precious stones, and even a bunch of fools gold that I found in a river in Colorado. But at some point as I got older I got rid of it all because I felt like I'd grown too old for a "rock collection". If only I'd known how in style they'd all become someday. 


  1. Flea markets usually have tonnes of precious stones! I have a small collection going myself. Love them! xo

    1. Ooo that's a great tip Tiffany! Thanks!!

  2. I studied holistic health and healing in the 90's and have a large collection of stones. Not only are they beautiful, they each lend their own special energy to a space. Most 'natural' stores would have them.

  3. I was the same with collecting "rocks" and stones. I finally got rid of mine, too. I wish I had kept some as I had some beautiful purple and green crystal like rocks. Love the finds you chose!

  4. I was exactly the same way! I had a ton of them when I was younger and got rid of them as I became older and more "mature". Should have kept them! I surprisingly got my bookends at homegoods for a steal!

  5. Anonymous08 July, 2013

    I still have a small collection of my stones rom fourth grade! Kind of a hoarder : / I definitely want more and bigger stones!

  6. I went to Target yesterday and stumbled upon some inexpensive agate coasters.



    Maybe you can remove the backing if you want to frame them?

    P/S: By the way, I am hosting another fabulous giveaway today. Come by and enter for a chance to win a stylish iPhone case/ iPad/ Macbook sleeve if you like!



    1. That's awesome- thanks Jessie!! thank you for letting me know about the giveaway too!

  7. You will find the perfect stones....I know you will. You don't give up!
    We all got rid of childhood "treasures"!!! If I only had..........!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I remember growing up and a friend of mine had a huge geod in her home
    I always thought it was so fancy!