02 July 2013

The Makings Of A Centerpiece

These four may not look like a whole lot yet...but they are the main attractions in my dining room tablescape plans. I got these during a last chance sale on One Kings Lane a few weeks ago. In my head I've got a whole layout arranged with them and just need a few more pieces to complete it. I'm really liking how it looks in my brain so hopefully I don't end up hating it when it's set up for real and then have to come up with something new. The good news is that this gold bowl and these gold dipped spoons are so pretty they'll look good anywhere. 

So nice to have the beginnings of a centerpiece for a table I don't even have yet! 
Our master bedroom is turning into a furniture and accessories graveyard for all the stuff I'm accumulating for the dining room. I see Rob's exasperated look every time he trips over a disassembled chair on his way to bed. Or when he finds lamps sitting on the closet shelf next to his clothes. But everything I've bought has been on sale and some I've gotten some really killer deals on. So it's worth filling our bedroom with things we can't yet use and making my husband grit his teeth every time a new package arrives. It'll all be awesome in the end! 


  1. I love your approach! I do the same thing. Get what you like when you see it....you might never have another chance!
    There is always a place for something you like. Put away some for later. Then bring them out and switch things around.
    The gold bowl and spoons are gorgeous! They will have hundreds of uses in the years to come!

  2. What a pretty set. LOVE the gold and white.

  3. So pretty, Brooke. I can't wait to see what you have in mind for them.

  4. If anyone is handing out advice......HELP! My dear husband isn't quite as kind about my purchases! He gets all bent out of shape when an Etsy box arrives! Matter a fact... He can get down right ugly. He's such a sweetheart otherwise so I am perplexed.

    1. That would be so hard Lulu! I'm definitely not the best person to hand out advice, I just know guys seem to stress about money way more than we do- at least mine does. Maybe that's why your otherwise sweet hubby gets a little testy when you shop?? I worked out a deal with mine a few years ago where I started couponing to save us money on groceries...anything I saved us from our monthly budget I got to take half of and spend however I wanted. So there was no complaining when new items appeared around the house. Now with my blog I'm able to make a little extra for "play money" so again it's not anything we need so I can do what I want with it with no guilt and no guilt trip from my hubs.:) Anyways that's what works for us.

  5. Such pretty items, love it! I am sure they will look great whenever you put them.

    I always buy items I like on sales too and stuff them all in the closet! Fortunately, my husband doesn't mind me buying stuff as long as I don't ask him for the cash. LOL.