30 July 2013

Vase Filler Switch-Up



The paper chain was looking crushed so I replaced it with broken glass. It's glass from a door in our first house (story is here).

I like that on the opposite shelves there's the frame that I covered with the rest of this glass


  1. I am in love with the paper chain! I've got to steal that idea for staging! Such a great contrast with the green.

  2. I love how you kept the broken glass from your first home. You now have two beautiful pieces to remind you of that special moment (happy accident!) I love how the glass reflects so much more light and the subtle blue tone looks great with the plant!

  3. What a story!!! The "door" will forever be a part of your lives...

  4. Oh, that is such a nice design. I liked the previous one, too. Everything of yours is so nicely done. I am better enough to be commenting for now. I don't like to get behind. Yes, those shoes were only $3. That is why I left on the tag. I realized I should have photoed the receipt, too. But yes even $6 would have been a steal too, huh? I'm glad I found them. They are really cool.

  5. I have sand and giant shells in my big glass vase right now
    Will have to think of something fun and inspiring for fall