14 August 2013

{Another} Table Arrangement

 The poor foyer table. I just can't leave it well enough alone. 

After the white vase in the above photo was destroyed by my dogs, I switched up the tabletop to this: 

It was pretty and durable, which is what I was wanting, but the size of the vase on that little table was bugging me- it was just too big. 

So it got changed to this for a hot minute- so quick I didn't even have time to post about it, just a quick picture on Instagram (follow me!:) 

The main problem with this set-up was the flowers- they looked so super fake in that clear glass vase. I do think my book idea was genius though so that's there to stay. Since the first vase was broken because my dogs ran under this table and knocked it over, I figured that if the space under the table were filled the dogs would have an easier time avoiding it. And so far it's worked perfectly, even when there was a squirrel taunting them from the front porch. The shoes were a spur-of-the-moment addition that didn't last long but made my heart melt to look at. My daughter wore these for a long time- longer than she should have probably- and even though I've gotten rid of most of the clothes that don't fit her anymore, somehow I can't let go of these cute little shoes. 

And finally, here's the table today, after yet another restyling. 

There has to be something with some height on top of it because otherwise the table looks really squatty up against this tall wall. So the candlesticks I grabbed from the living room are working for that. The flowers are the same ones from the last two table looks- I just cut them down and put them in this bowl from One Kings Lane. I'd originally bought it to use on our dining table (when we finally have one) but I think I've changed my mind. So here it is. The picture is my favorite from when my twins were babies. 

Hopefully I can leave this table alone for a while. I *think* I'm finally satisfied with it! 


  1. I love the flowers in the bowl, they look great. And those sweet little shoes, oh so sweet.

  2. The books are a great idea! They give the table weight!
    I have a similar corner/spot next to our door. Do you know what I did? I gave up! MC thought that when the door opened it would knock things off, or simply get in the way. So it's empty! I try now and then to put something there, but it restricts the swing of the door.

    1. Thanks Patty! This little table restricts how far our door can open too- luckily we don't ever open it any further than straight out, except by accident. The table has been hit by the door a couple of times but it doesn't happen enough to make me want to move it. Rob was reluctant about it too at first, but thankfully since it doesn't get in our way he's okay with it being there. :)

  3. Pretty! I love gold bowl and the photo is so precious :)

  4. Oh you are so funny Brooke! I love the books under the table for the esthetics and the function of the dogs no longer thinking that path is a short cut! LOL, but dang that they broke that vase. I love that vase. Yet how you have it now is perfection! You are so great at all of this. I loved all of these options, except for the look of the metal vase. You were right to switch it out. It is a great vase, just not there, huh?