28 August 2013

For Like Ever- In Color

 If you've never read about this project then the title of this post will make no sense to you. 
But while we were living in Minneapolis Rob and I made a huge shadowbox frame to house my wedding veil. 

It's hard to figure out sometimes why things can work really well in one house and not so well in another. I loved this thing in our last house- it was one of my favorite things in our living room. 

In our current living room, however, it's been looking pretty lack-luster, and a few days ago I finally figured out exactly why (beyond the fact that it's on a wall where everything is beige). 

When I first decided that I wanted to display my wedding veil in our house instead of keeping it packed away in a box, it was really important to me that it was displayed in a way that would look (for lack of better wording) cool. I didn't want it to look frumpy, or stuffy, or like I was creating a shrine to our wedding day. I wanted to be able to see it (especially since I'd dropped my dress off at Goodwill) but I wanted it to look kind of quirky and fun. Hence the cheeky wording that I included and totally copied from this poster. 

So the other day I realized that the biggest reason the poster hasn't been working for me in this house is that in this living room it no longer looks the way I wanted it to- fun. 
Our last living room was pretty dated just because it was an older house that hadn't been updated. So surrounded with such an old-fashioned look, the wording on the poster I made was all it took to make the whole thing look super unexpected and fun. Here though, on this big beige wall, the wording isn't enough to make the poster stand out. It's blending in and looking blah. 

So after having that epiphany I happened to get the perfect inspiration for livening up my poster when I visited one of my favorite blogs Amber Interior Design. In her living room she has a poster next to her tv that has multicolored writing and I love it. 

I knew that's what would totally up the fun with my poster- some colorful letters. 

{This was the longest explanation in the world.}

So here is my wedding veil display now:

So much more playful than the before:

I do love that shiny metallic paper so I left one letter in each word in the gold. 

Changing the letters was super easy- the back of this frame just screws on so it was simple to take the back off and use the old letters as a template for the new ones by gluing them facedown on the colored paper and then cutting them out. I had this done in a nap time. 

And I'm so super thrilled with how it looks. 


  1. I really like it Brooke, but I was afraid I wouldn't. But you had just the right subtlety to the color and you achieved the look that is perfect.

  2. Hi Brooke! I know it's been too long.... but I check your updates via FB or instagram. I'm always looking forward to your DIY projects. There are so many of them that I want to do and add to my home.
    The colors are fun! I like it better now.

  3. It looks wonderful Brooke and what a great idea to display the veil! Hmmm, makes me wonder where mine is?! :-)

  4. You know I"m a sucker for color! I love it :)

  5. New home, new State and now your Veil has a New Look. Marvelous!

  6. So much more fun! Love the way it came together.