16 August 2013

Living Room Lamp Love

 I feel like topping this post with a bunch of x's and o's cause that's how in love I am with my new lamps. 

Here's the living room with one lamp:

And here it is with two new ones:

I've had these lamps for several weeks now but up until a couple days ago they were stashed in my closet. I was planning to use them in the dining room, but I decided I want something different for in there. I've seen this gourd style sell for over $200 a pair, so I was super excited to score these two on clearance at Target for less than $15 a piece. 

I love the glass one that I had up here before, but it was getting lost up against all the art on the wall. 

I wanted something that wouldn't compete with the wall, but that also could hold it's own. And I really really was wanting a pair of something up here. So these two lamps were the perfect solution. I just took the gray shade off the glass lamp and then bought another one for the other lamp. (The shades are from Target also.) 

Seriously, have you ever seen a lamp with such gorgeous ribs?

And just look at that glow...

 Here's another before and after- I just love the difference these two are making:



I'm swooning guys. Swoon-ing. Who knew thirty bucks could buy so much happiness? I know they're just simple lamps but they are so perfect right here that I can't shut up about them. 

This wall is really coming together; it's looking so good now that the mantel area is looking really blah in comparison (the remote control and sippy cup aren't helping).  

I've got plans to step things up a little in that part of the room, but for now I'm just happy the striped table is looking so stylish with it's new lamps! 

btw...I'm a new contributor at the blog for my sponsor DecoraUSA. My first post is up today and it's about a dining room look that I love- and will be doing in my own dining room! Read it here


  1. Brooke your lamps are over the moon gorgeous! I can't believe the price!!! They are perfect on your table. I love how they pick up your newly painted turtle shell. Great design for this space/wall.

    1. Thanks Linda! I couldn't believe the price either- they were in my cart in half a second!

  2. I think they look like a million bucks! How I love Target, they always come thru. You've done a great job with them!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I know it, you can always count on Target. I love that place!

  3. Brooke, you scored! At $15 a piece and for its good looks, it's a no brainer. Love them on your console! The only thing I would change is rotating the shade on the left so you don't see the "line" when it's lit up. The lamps actually reminds me of JA lamps, you lucky girl! :) Have a good weekend, Brooke!


    1. Thanks Jessie! I thought the same thing- I'm pretty sure he's got some ribbed lamps like this and they are definitely not $15 a piece! I know what you mean about the shadows- they bug me but I haven't been able to get rid of them. They're from the three metal things inside the shade holding it onto the lamp. No matter what way I turn the shades you can still see the shadows depending where you're standing. So I've given up. :) You have a great weekend too!

  4. Girl, those are spectacular! Awesome price and awesome styling. I definitely think you've hit a home run here.

    Much Love,

  5. I love the lamps and the whole art wall!!! Looks sooooo pretty!!!

  6. Super score, and it was smart that you doubled them up! Target never disappoints ;-)