08 August 2013

Pencil Holder To Vase

 There's this Nate Berkus pencil cup at Target that I'm sort of obsessed with. 
I cruise by the office organizing stuff at every trip just so I can look at it and wish that I had a cute desk area to use it at. 
But currently my desk area looks like crap so it's seemed like a pointless exercise to buy an adorable little pencil holder that will just get lost among the clutter. Even if the pencil holder only costs $6.

Then today on my one thousandth trip past this thing I finally decided I'd had enough of just looking at it, and it really seems kind of pathetic to be putting this much effort into a cardboard cup, so I tossed it in my cart and brought it home. 

Since it wouldn't be enjoyable on my wreck of a desk I decided I'd use it as a vase and stick it where I'll see it every day. 

I dug these faux little mini hydrangea flowers (I think they're called snowballs) out from under the bed *I have unused decor stashed EVERYWHERE* 
and since they were too short for the cup, I first filled it up over halfway with waded up paper towels so that the flowers would have something to rest on. 

Then I used hot glue to attach the stems of the flowers to the sides of the cup and to the paper towels. 
They aren't glued in super tight or anything, but this way they wont pop out every time the vase gets touched.

And now here it is, super cute on the ottoman tray. 

It's nice to know I'll have one less distraction at Target from now on. 
And this little addition sparked a whole tray restyling, which I'll show tomorrow. 


  1. Great idea!
    Clever and oh so pretty!!!

  2. Good idea, Brooke. I am also like you, I always have unused decor stash all over my house, taking over previous closet spaces!