22 August 2013

There's A Gazelle On My Wall

I really liked the picture that I'd ripped out of a National Geographic and put in that frame,
but a few weeks ago I came across this gazelle at AllPosters.com and I couldn't get it out of my head. 
I finally decided I couldn't live without it and ordered the smallest size so that it would fit in my gallery wall. (This one is 12x16. They have it all the way up to 48x64 which would be awesome.)  

Wall before:

and the wall now: 

I just love seeing that face looking at me every time I come in the room.
But I gotta say it's those horns that are really doing it for me. 

I love this guy! 


  1. It is a striking picture and he's cute!

  2. nice addition to the wall
    goes nicely with the turtle shell

  3. I agree, following you back Brooke!