09 August 2013

Tray Restyle

 Yesterday I showed you the Nate Berkus pencil cup I got at Target and am now using to hold a flower arrangement. 

I switched some more things up on the tray so here's how it's looking now: 

I forgot to take a before picture- sometimes I really suck at blogging. So here's one I found from months ago. This is pretty much how the tray looked before I changed things up. 

And now with it's new look. 

The succulent I've had for a while. It used to sit in a little glass jar of sea shells. 

It was cute in that jar, but I had something better for it in the bathroom- 
a little glass scented oil dispenser.

I got rid of the sticks and oil and washed out the jar. Then I filled it up with some sand that I got from a beach trip several months ago. The succulent is as fake as my hair color, but I think it makes it look a little more real when it's sitting in a jar of sand instead of shells. 

Even though they're usually pretty good{ish} about not messing with things too much, it's not normally my practice to stick a glass jar within such easy reach of my two year olds. Especially one that's filled with beach sand. But I think the succulent and this little jar look so cute on the tray. 

I did take a precaution to at least slow down an impending mess- I put a really thick line of hot glue all the way around the top edge of the jar opening and then pushed the succulent down onto it. It's not sealed up perfectly but at least it won't be super easy to just lift the succulent out of the jar and then pour out the sand. If my twins are going to make a mess, I at least want them to have to work for it. 

Also on the tray is the wooden bowl that I traced the triangle design onto. I set one of my many little silver West Elm bowls inside of it. 

Then there's my Nate Berkus book with it's jacket off- it looks so good that way. And the coasters I painted and topped with cut-outs from magazines. I desperately need new coasters. Especially since we only have 3. But these are working for now. 

I love this new tray look- it's so pretty! 


  1. I love that you change things around and re/design more than I do! The tray looks great!

  2. I love the hydrangeas, my 2nd favorite flower and I love the vase they are in