21 August 2013

Tutorial: Sewing The Corners On An Upholstered Bench

 So yesterday I showed the photos of my newly re-covered bench and I'm completely loving it in this bright, fun fabric.

You can see how I originally upholstered it here
The first time I upholstered it everything was folded and tucked- there was no sewing. It looked totally fine but this time around I decided I wanted to try something different at the corners so I sewed them and I'm really happy with how they came out. The best part was that it only added a few extra minutes to an already really easy project. Since the foam and batting that I used on it the last time I upholstered it are still in great shape, all I was doing was switching out the fabric. 

So step one of this whole thing was removing the old fabric, which I got no pictures of but it wasn't an exciting or difficult step. I just pried out all the staples from underneath the bench that were holding it in place. Then I laid the bench upside down on the new fabric to cut the fabric to size, and just made sure I was leaving enough all the way around to wrap under the edge of the bench and staple. 

With the bench still laying on it's back on top of the wrong-side-up fabric, I put a dot on the fabric (with  one of those disappearing ink fabric pens) right at each corner. Then I used a straight edge to draw lines connecting the dot to both edges of the fabric so it made a square.

I cut out the squares so the fabric now looked like this:

Then I sewed the two newly cut edges together so the sides were raised and made a box. 

I turned it right side out and pulled it over the bench and was so happy to see that it fit perfectly. 
However, the top of every corner had this weird little point:

Rob and I tried pulling the fabric tight from underneath to see if it would go away once we had everything stapled in place but it didn't budge. 

So I turned the fabric inside-out again and sewed a short row of stitches across the top of the point {so that my two stitch lines were making a T} to basically cut the tip of the pointy part off. 

When I turned it right side out and put it back on the bench the corners looked so much better.

After that I just flipped the bench upside-down again and Rob helped me with the stapling so it went really fast- I pulled the fabric tight and he stapled it in place. We did have to do one small fold at every corner but it was underneath, so nothing anyone sees, and it was just to gather the excess fabric to keep everything nice and tight. 

So now that I've tried this corner method it's definitely my preferred way of doing it. I'm really happy with how it came out. 

The only thing I'll do differently next time is make the top row of stitching (the top of the T) smaller; it doesn't need to be as long as it is; probably even half that length would be good. 

I'm on a roll with my upholstery projects this week- I'm also finished with the couch cushion tufting. I'd been planning on putting up the tutorial today but it's not ready yet so hopefully tomorrow or Friday. 


  1. I like the sewed corners even better! So gorgeous!

  2. Great tutorial, Brooke. The corners look clean and beautiful. I wish I had your sewing skills!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway. Good luck, my friend!


  3. So professional!! It looks amazing. Now if only I could figure out how to tread my bobbin. :)