30 September 2013

A Thanks To My Sponsors!

 Where in the heck has September gone?? I can't believe it's already the last day, which means of course that it's time to thank some of my favorite people in the world- the ones who support my blog. :) 

Chandelier Warehouse is the place to get gorgeous lighting. Their selection is huge and their chandeliers are breathtaking. 

I love stores that carry lots of different types of things for my home. Which is why I love my other sponsor DecoraUSA- they carry everything AND the kitchen sink. That's right- they sell sinks- for bathrooms and kitchens. They also sell furniture, lighting, ceiling fans, decor...tons of what you need to make a house feel finished and beautiful. 

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27 September 2013

DIY Fabric Pinboard

 I did something on a whim the other day.
I made a fabric pinboard and hung it above our mantel. 

I've mentioned a time or two that the mirror above the fireplace was driving me nuts because I couldn't stand the view of the ceiling fan in it. It made it so dang hard to take pictures in here. 

I've had my eye on a couple of big mirrored frames that I want for this spot instead, but for now every last cent I have is dedicated to the dining room. 
But a couple days ago I finally reached the point where I felt like I just could not take the view in here another second so I came up with a plan for something to go up here in the meantime that I wouldn't have to spend any money on. After pulling my house apart for a half hour I realized I had everything I needed to make a fabric pinboard. 

I used two canvases (originally used for this photo display, but haven't been hung in my last two houses). 

I laid them side by side on the floor and just kind of stood over them staring for a while trying to figure out an easy way to attach them to each other. I didn't want two smallish pinboards; I wanted one big one. 

In the end all I could come up with was to duct tape them together so that's what I did. With snakeskin duct tape, because that's what I had. 

It doesn't hold them super securely but it works well enough. 

Then I wrapped the canvases in batting and stapled it all the way around the back. 

I had a yard of fabric left over from the first time we upholstered our bench, so that's what I used on this. Now that the bench is in a different fabric, I'm excited to have this design back in our house; I really like it. 

And ta-da. 

I know a pinboard is a little casual for above a fireplace, and a little busy looking, but I'm kind of loving it. 

Look at all the sweet little stuff I get to look at all the time now:

So while it's not the look I've been planning on, it's really fun and I'm pretty smitten. 

The picture frame I just made over and have leaning against it on the mantel really pairs well with it since it's so simple. It's a nice relief from all the chaos going on on the pinboard. 

I'm also in love with the way the colors from the lettering in the wedding veil display underneath are repeated so many times in the kids' art and stuff on the pinboard. That's one of those happy accidents. The side of me that's never content with anything for long is also loving the fact that I can constantly switch things in and out of this display too. 

The view from our couch is definitely a lot more interesting!

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Oh and today I'm over at DecoraUSA's blog with a quick dining room tip, so you can read that here. Have a great weekend!!

26 September 2013

Transitioning My Home To Fall (And A Giveaway!!)

 Thanks so much to Coupons.com for sponsoring this post!

It's official- Fall is here! I'm so excited; this is my favorite time of the year. Never mind that I live in Florida and this state has never seen a real fall. The holidays still happen, even if it's still as green and humid as a jungle outside. 

Myself and a few other bloggers were invited by Coupons.com  to show some ways that we get our homes ready for fall. I was given a $100 gift card to Sears and was able to get everything I needed to get my house feeling Autumn-ready. 

Some people like to prepare for different seasons by switching up the colors in their house. I think it's a really fun idea but I'm pretty attached to the colors I have and the way that I decorate, so I like to keep that the same throughout the year. So what I like to do instead, is to make my house feel cozier and warmer by adding extra layers here and there with throws and pillows that have a warmer look than my normal ones, but that are still in a style and color that meshes with the style of my house. 
Theoretically (for a Floridian like me, because here it doesn't actually happen) Fall is when the air starts to get cooler, nights are chilly, and when you come home you want to pull on some warm socks, curl up on the couch with a fluffy throw, and watch the premiers of all the fall shows that are FINALLY coming back, all while sipping a steaming mug of hot chocolate. And actually even us Floridians can enjoy everything about that list including the cooler temperatures- we just have to keep the ac cranked in order to enjoy a chill in the air. 

So with my sears gift card provided by coupons.com I upped the cozy factor in my living room with two faux fur pillows and a faux fur throw. 

I love the addition of fur because it looks really warm so also easily transitions a fall look to a winter one too. And of course it looks super luxurious and makes you want to curl up with it for days. 

Another thing I got from Sears to get my home ready for fall was a cookbook. With the holidays approaching I like to start getting meal ideas and planning for new dishes that I didn't try the year before. And honestly to me, nothing says "fall" like food, so I like to have little reminders of that around my house with clear canisters of cookies, fall-themed recipes hung on the refrigerator, and cookbooks out in the open. 

The book I ended up getting with my gift card was The Flavor Bible. I'm excited to learn new ways to combine spices and food flavors and I'm hopeful that it's going to take my Thanksgiving cooking up a notch. 
I'm also crazy about the cover of this book. It's a pretty food photo and in colors that are great for fall. 

The last thing I got to get my house ready for fall was, of course, a fall-scented candle. No fall home is really ready without one. 

It really helped when I was shopping to be able to use the sears coupon codes provided by coupons.com- they helped me stretch my budget and fit in all the items I needed to get my home feeling completely ready for fall. Rob was shocked at how much I was able to get with my gift card- he came home and looked around and was like "You got all that for a hundred dollars??" 

Thanks a ton to coupons.com for helping me to transition my home to fall! 

And now after seeing everything I was able to do with $100, just think what one of you lucky ducks could do with $200! 

That's right, coupons.com is giving away a $200 e-gift card to Sears so that one of you can get your house fall-ready too. The giveaway is being hosted by me and 10 other bloggers, so you get multiple entries which equals greater odds at winning! 
One winner will be selected from the group of contestants across all 11 blogs. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends at 11:59 pm EST on Friday October 4. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I always love seeing the different ways that other people decorate their homes for the seasons; I get so many great ideas for my own home that way. So make sure you go check out the other ladies participating and see how they transitioned their homes to fall. 

Two Tiered Drum Shades (And An Announcement!)

 This is a rare, two-post day. Right now I wanted to let you guys know that I'm over at Chandelier Warehouse with a post about a cool drum shade pendant style- check it out here

But I'll be back in a bit with a post about some changes I made to my decor recently to get ready for fall...AND there's a giveaway! So stay tuned!! 

24 September 2013

Dining Room Update: Shelves Are Finished!

 Painting these shelves took me almost all of last week, plus the whole weekend to dry, but now they are finally finished and styled and I'm super happy with them.

They went from a creamy white to a bright white, and while the color change may be subtle, the difference it makes in the room is huge. The bright white looks so much better with the seating, and the shelves look a lot cleaner. (The old color was starting to yellow a lot and was covered in chips thanks to a bunch of moves in the last few years.) Originally I'd wanted to go with a high-gloss white so that they'd really shine, but I was worried since I was hand painting them that the high gloss would show every single imperfection. So I played it safe and went with a satin finish. Even though they aren't as dramatic as I was originally hoping for, I really really like their new look. 



I know the difference in the photos is not glaringly obvious but it's a bit easier to see if you compare the shelves to the wall color. In the before photos the shelves blend into the wall more because they're almost the same color; in the after photos the shelves stand out from the wall and match the white chair rail instead. 

Here's a side-by-side of the shelves on the left side of the room to make it a little easier to see:

Accessorizing shelves is pretty much my favorite thing in the whole wide world to do, so I had a ton of fun filling these back up. I kept them mostly the same as before but I loaded them up a little more and a few shelves did get some pretty big styling changes. I think the shelves almost look bigger with more stuff on them. I tried to stagger "full" shelves with more simple ones. 

Look what's on this one- my new book.

I'm sure I'll be playing with the accessorizing some more over the next few days but all in all I'm really happy with the whole look. I'm so glad I took the time to paint them; subtile as it may seem in these photos it really does make the whole room look fresher. 

23 September 2013

I Won! Tom Scheerer Decorates

 I was super excited recently to win the book Tom Scheerer Decorates from a giveaway at Mix And Chic. I'm crazy about the cover of this book (it's hiding under a jacket):

And the photos inside are totally gorgeous.

I definitely recommend this book! When I'm not reading it I'm thinking it will be looking pretty on my dining room shelves- they are finally finished and I'm styling them today!