30 September 2013

A Thanks To My Sponsors!

 Where in the heck has September gone?? I can't believe it's already the last day, which means of course that it's time to thank some of my favorite people in the world- the ones who support my blog. :) 

Chandelier Warehouse is the place to get gorgeous lighting. Their selection is huge and their chandeliers are breathtaking. 

I love stores that carry lots of different types of things for my home. Which is why I love my other sponsor DecoraUSA- they carry everything AND the kitchen sink. That's right- they sell sinks- for bathrooms and kitchens. They also sell furniture, lighting, ceiling fans, decor...tons of what you need to make a house feel finished and beautiful. 

I'm a lifestyle contributor to both of these sites' blogs. You'll find me at the blog for Chandelier Warehouse every Thursday and the blog for DecoraUSA two Fridays a month. 

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